BBC: Russian Federal Security Service or related to the disappearance of $450 million in cryptocurrency on WEX

According to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), the Russian intelligence agency Federal Security Service (FSB) may be behind the scenes of the $450 million cryptocurrency disappearing from the cryptocurrency online trading platform WEX. The BBC surveyed the reasons for WEX's collapse in 2018, revealing a new link between the demise of the platform and Russian security services. One of the co-founders of the site revealed that he was forced to hand over the customer's digital wallet information to the FSB individual in 2018. This information will enable them to seize the cryptocurrency that customers have saved on the platform, at a time worth about $450 million. He was told that the WEX customer's money would be "donated to the 'FSB Russian Fund'". It is reported that WEX was established in 2017, the exchange BTC-e is its predecessor, when it was shut down because of alleged money laundering, the US authorities claimed that as much as $4 billion of dirty money was sent to the world through the platform. According to a report by the BBC Russian Channel in July, former WEX CEO Dmitri Vasilev was arrested in Italy.