Qingdao Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau uses blockchain thinking to realize digital security storage of paper files, etc.

According to the Peninsula Network, on November 15, the reporter learned from the Qingdao Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau that in order to further improve the informationization level of affordable housing management and public housing management, establish a sound housing security and public housing information management system. To improve the satisfaction of the people, the housing security and housing management system construction project has been launched. Develop and construct a post-management system for affordable housing, innovate the "Internet +" supervision method, realize the "one map" display of housing security geographic information, the management of public rental housing projects, the management of distribution after rent distribution, and the dynamic information management of households after distribution; Develop a direct management public housing management system, using blockchain thinking, digital storage of paper files, public housing rental management information, public housing online sales approval.