Wuhan Baiyu District blockchain project gathers in Optics Valley, the government will soon introduce support policies

According to the news of Chutian Metropolis Daily, the reporter visited the company in the past few days and found that most of the more than 100 blockchain related enterprises in Wuhan gathered in Optics Valley. The relevant departments of Optics Valley are focusing on research and will launch a special support policy. Gu Yue, chairman of Optics Valley Blockchain Zhongchuang Space, said in an interview that “Wuhan has many research institutes and talent reserves, which are conditions that are not available in other regions. In the initial stage of industrial development, if A set of reasonable support mechanisms based on government policies and platforms as the driving force, the blockchain entrepreneurship boom with Optics Valley as the core will soon rise, and it is expected that some outstanding enterprises will be born in the near future and become the national blockchain industry development. The highlands. It is understood that relevant departments of the province, city and district have been conducting visits and research work, and the special support policy for blockchain is about to be released.