Libra test network has 7 deployment nodes, recording over 51,000 transactions

According to Libra's official blog, the Libra white paper was released on June 18th, one month after the signing of the charter by the Libra Association members in Geneva. The Libra project developer community responded enthusiastically by entering 34 projects in seven weeks, including 10 wallets, 11 blockchain browsers, 2 IDEs, 1 API and 11 clients. More than 51,000 transactions have been recorded since the test network was reset. At present, there are 7 nodes deployed in the test network, 6 in-process nodes, and 8 in-process nodes without technical teams. For organizations that do not have a technical team to implement nodes, the Libra Association is developing a strategy to support deployment after the completion of the Libra core feature set in 2020. The Libra Association plans to deploy 100 nodes on the main network.