Analysis shows: supervision has not yet landed, do not rush to take over

At 8:00 on November 16th, Beijing time, the ChaiNext 100 index, which reflects the overall trend of the cryptocurrency market, was reported at 767.98 points. It fell 2.44% in the past 24 hours, with a turnover of 45.965 billion US dollars. The turnover increased by 9.80% compared with the previous 24 hours. Among the 21 rises, 79 fell; the ChaiNext 5 index, which reflects the performance of the blue-chip cryptocurrency, was 669.44 points, down 2.30% in the past 24 hours, with a turnover of 37.263 billion US dollars. The turnover increased by 12.03% compared with the previous 24 hours; the Bitcoin Bubble Index ( The BBI Index was reported at 82.02 points, down 0.74% in the past 24 hours; the USDT OTC Index was at 99.84 points, down 0.35% in the past 24 hours. Yesterday's news of "Shanghai's regulatory and arbitrage of virtual currency exchanges" was very rampant. Since the financial news has forwarded this news, the credibility is still quite high. We have always said that we buy Bitcoin on dips, but that is under the premise that the basic environment of the market is unchanged. In the face of such high-risk events, large funds are likely to choose to leave, and Bitcoin will have a flash at any time in the short term. Possible. It is necessary to know that history has never been repeated. The bottom-up opportunity brought by the last supervision may not be repeated this time. Do not rush to enter the market until the regulatory landing message is confirmed. At this time, entering the market is gambling.