Jiang Zhuoer: Blocking two bloody exports of speculative coins and issuing coins, which is conducive to the retention of funds in the currency circle.

On November 15th, the founder of Leipzig Mine Pool Jiang Zole said on Weibo that the currency security and the wave field Weibo were sealed, clearly conveying the regulatory attitude: the blockchain should be promoted, but the coins are not allowed to be speculated. Quasi-issued currency. In the long run, speculating coins and issuing coins are the two major ways to cut leek. The funds for leek are mainly drawn by these two channels. For example, the wave field raised more than one billion US dollars of ETH, and finally sold ETH, took more than one billion dollars from the market, and cut countless leeks. The speculative futures were fired up and down, not to mention being harvested by the dealer. Therefore, plugging these two bloody exports is conducive to the retention of funds in the currency circle, which is conducive to the growth of the mainstream currency party. After more funds are used for the lock of the coin, the big bull market will also arrive as scheduled. Don't fry