The US Internal Revenue Service turned its attention to cryptocurrency kiosks and bitcoin ATMs. According to Bloomberg

According to Bloomberg News, a senior official of the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) said on the 15th that the agency's criminal investigators "very" concerned about the tax issues that may arise from cryptocurrency kiosks and bitcoin ATMs. Although public cases involving cryptocurrency have not yet been filed, John Fort, head of criminal investigation at the IRS, said his team is working with law enforcement partners to monitor the illegal activities of the technology. "We are following these and those accounts that may be related to bank accounts and may not be related to bank accounts," Fort said in an interview on the New York blockchain meeting. “In other words, if you can walk in, invest in cash, and take out bitcoin, obviously we are interested in the people who use the self-service terminal and the source of funding, and are also interested in the operators of self-service terminals.”