Libra released the latest development of the project, and the test network transaction has exceeded 51,000

Author: Xiu MU

Source: than push

More than the news, social media giant Facebook's encryption project Libra released its current progress through the official website five months after the announcement.

In an official blog post, it stated that the Libra Association has been working at an alarming rate to build a global developer community and support its technology infrastructure.

The organization encourages developers to test Libra network functionality through a test network by providing a detailed technical roadmap to everyone. Since the launch of the test network on September 17, 51,000 transactions have been recorded.

The Libra Association also simplifies the way developers work with Libra project teams by integrating the online developer community, GitHub projects, and CLA processes, allowing developers to focus more on building projects. Developers of all backgrounds and skill levels are starting to use the Libra network by continuously publishing documentation and technology blogs. Discover and fix bugs faster by launching a bug reward program.

Since the launch of the test network, 34 projects have been produced, including 10 wallets, 11 blockchain browsers, 2 IDEs, 1 API, and 11 clients.

According to the Libra Association, the success of the project lies in supporting its extended community. In order to get more people involved, it held a Libra core summit with members of the Libra Association technical team. This is the first step in a collaborative development plan between Libra Core and Move. In the future, it intends to continue to host events for all developers to discuss issues, challenges and opportunities in the Libra ecosystem.

The test network has deployed seven nodes. For organizations that do not have a technical team to implement the nodes, the association is developing a strategy to support deployment after the completion of the Libra core feature set in 2020. The association plans to deploy 100 nodes on the main network.

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