Xiao Wei, Peking University, expounded the application of blockchain technology at the China Quality Summit

This afternoon, the “2019 China Quality Synergy Summit and New Technologies, New Business, New Economic Forum” organized by the China Quality Press and Publications under the State Administration of Markets and the leadership of the State Council Information Office and the China Internet News Center Held in Beijing. The summit summarized and promoted the innovative model of new technologies including blockchain to promote high-quality economic development. At the meeting, Mr. Xiao Wei from Peking University made a speech entitled “The Application of Blockchain in the Field of Health, Food Safety and Other Livelihoods”. "Expert keynote speech. In the speech, Xiao Xiao explained in depth the extensive use of blockchain technology in medical health, insurance industry, food safety, and health care products, including: cross-institutional transfer of medical data, audit of medical accidents, disease verification, and real-time settlement of medical expenses. , insurance contract chain verification, food traceability, digital tracking, etc.