Guangming Daily: Blockchain is the cornerstone of trust in the digital society

On November 17, Guangming Daily published the article "Blockchain: paving the cornerstone of trust in the digital society." The article stated that traditional social governance belongs to the one-dimensional governance model, and the cost of public participation in social governance is relatively high. The emergence of the blockchain has made the picture of “the responsibility of everyone, the responsibility of everyone, and the community of social governance enjoyed by everyone” clearer. By acting as a “node” of blockchains, ordinary people can directly participate in social interaction without having to trust each other. At the same time, people can view information on the chain and supervise related social interactions as long as they register on the blockchain platform. This kind of convenient mechanism for people to participate in social governance contributes to the realization of the ideal of the social governance community. The blockchain not only solves the problem of people's interactive trust, but also allows the public to actively participate in social governance, form a coordinated social governance model, maximize public interest, and promote social good governance. At the same time, technology is a "double-edged sword", and the blockchain is no exception. The open source, transparency, and tamper-proof features of the blockchain can not only improve the efficiency of social governance, but also bring challenges to social governance.