Where is the hot money in the encryption market flocking?

There is a saying in the currency circle: "It is better to buy money from the exchange when you enter the market." Although it has a slightly ridiculous component, it has to be said that it has to tell the truth: the exchange is really a pump in the encryption market. Constantly extracting profits from transaction fees and currency fees, and later the largest revenue was the issuance of platform coins and IEO distribution.

Many articles on the platform currency issuance mechanism and specific rules have been fully elaborated. I will not repeat them. The article today is about the pockets of hot money in the encryption market.

Exchange is a pump

First, it must be a trading platform.

According to the data from the coinmarketcap website, the world's most influential exchanges occupy the top ten positions in China. Without considering the amount of money, the currency security, OKEX and fire coins must be among the top ten, even the top five. The huge advantage lies in the fact that on the other hand, the IEO boom can basically determine that the participation of users in the Chinese currency circle is the highest. The foreign IEO hotspots basically have a huge response.

The encryption market is a profit-seeking market. No, it is a more profit-oriented market. Everyone is full of energy and has a hundred times of coins in a minute. In fact, the bear market is only four months.

So the exchange business is coming again.

The exchange will not easily let go of any opportunity to make money. The nature of the exchange is bloodthirsty, and it will not meet the small profits of the second-hand fee.

The decline of ICO, the currency fee has become a chicken rib, no longer a steady stream of projects to mobilize millions of listing costs, the exchange eyeballs turn, in the first half of 2018, have launched trading mining, trying to turn the tide That is to say, the building will be tilted, and the harvest will be waved. The situation will turn sharply in the second half of 2018. The whole market will be feathered. The exchange has already staged an invisible perfect harvest through the platform currency.

Exchanges such as pumping machines drained stock funds, and the exchange trade volume was bleak, and a batch of coins declared to have failed were released. At the beginning of 2019, the coin security couldn't sit still first, and the creative launch of IEO, the first project btt opened five times, all the deposited funds could not stand, and began to eagerly try, then traders, fire coins and OK transactions. Keeping pace with the pace, for fear of falling behind, has made the rise of platform coins in March.

The IEO belongs to the linkage between the exchange and the project party. The project party puts a small amount of quota on the platform and uses the platform currency to subscribe. Both parties have the space to make profits, and the joint “strangle” retail investors, the retail investors are not happy, the project side The issued currency is sold in the form of an exchange endorsement. The exchange raises the price of the currency, attracts customers, brings traffic, and the real exchange and the project side win. As for the loser, it goes without saying.

Project side deformation

Project party, or blockchain entrepreneurship project.

In the traditional market, the most common rule is to refinance first. However, with the support of capital, can you really make a good project? In the traditional industry, such pain points can never be solved, and innovation projects are so difficult, not to mention that small and micro enterprises are lending to banks, which is difficult to add, and is itself a small profit industry, causing difficulties.

However, financing is easy, and it is not a good thing. In 2017, the ICO frenzy, countless unscrupulous speculative scammers swarmed, packed high-end projects, unscrupulous financing in the market, and finally broke the road, the currency price plummeted.

Blockchain entrepreneurship has become a pseudo-proposition. It is assumed that the founder of a genuine entrepreneurial project is seeing a paper white paper, and it is easy to raise hundreds of millions of dollars. The funds are so simple, and several people will continue to advance the project. Progress, after all, they all understand that the probability of failure of the project is not much higher than the estimated percentage of the hundred times.

Once the money flows into the pockets of the criminals, spitting out is basically hopeless.

The ever-changing financing method has given the fertile soil for the growth of the project side, the frenzied investors, blindly investing, and the rise of the IEO. The export of catharsis is to raise the price of the currency, the funds flee, and the project itself saves countless kinds of money. Pulling up is the simplest and rude.

If you don't see it, the wave field has become the mainstream currency. The big hidden point is to challenge the position of Ethereum. The only value of the project has become the value of pulling up the price of the coin. What is the value of no price?

In the unencrypted encryption market, the finance department is transparent, and the phenomenon of fraudulent elements in the waters is endless. It is an abyss that drags the whole industry down. The bear market is necessary to facilitate the clearing of fraudulent projects and illegal elements. It seems that time is one. Good medicine.

Blockchain media model is worrying

In the process of market capital game transfer, the blockchain media also got a share of it.

Before 2018, the project party announced through the blockchain financial media, creating an online exchange, making money and making money soft.

In 2018, the founders of the blockchain media complained about the suffering of the bear market. They struggled through layoffs. The situation in 2019 remained unchanged. The IEO was born, and the financial media was even more sad. It was possible to hold the exchange in one hand. Fixed the cost of the vouchers; holding the cost of the project side in one hand, and dividing the hot money.

Unfortunately, the world has changed too fast, and the combination of the exchange and the project side has directly cut off the right to speak for two-way charging of financial media.

In fact, the financial media itself has no ability to create profits. The only source of income is the above two types. Of course, the financial media that have obtained financing are slightly better. In the future, only through continuous production of high-quality content, can we completely get rid of the two-way financial support for the exchanges and project parties, and have the objective voice of self, and the development will not be contained.

Long-term investor's victory

Long-term vision is what everyone wants to do. In fact, there are very few people who really do it.

Long-term investment is not only limited by the length of time, but the most painful is the precipitation of funds.

If there is not enough ability to make money outside the court, even if it is clearly known that it is a value currency, when it is urgent to use money, the coin seems to be the only choice.

What is even more annoying is that the coins held are basically non-valued currencies. Because they are reluctant to cut the meat, they have been deep-set, and conversely, the currency that has been soaring, the same pain can not be sustained.

Hundreds of times of coins have always been impossible to meet, even if you really get a hundred times of coins, not because you are smarter than others, and a big part of the reason is luck, after all, so many people have fallen a hundred times There is no meat to leave, and both people are equally worthy of respect.

What is the victory of long-term investors?

The final industry development dividends will all flow into long-term investors. Not only are they the forerunners of the industry, but they are not driven by the industry. They always believe that cryptocurrencies can change the world and prove with practical actions. Otherwise, there is no reason to pay the most precious time and money in life.

Winners have always been highly regarded, after all, others live in the way they want.

The encryption market is a long-term development industry. How long is it? Some people think that he is too long for a day. Some people are like Li Xiaolai for seven years. Some people only do one thing in their lives, such as the god of sushi, Onojiro.

A lifetime is too long, just for the day and night, not necessarily holding the currency to achieve wealth freedom is the embodiment of self-worth, and the constant creation in the frontier industry is not a value.

Whether it is the growth of the wealth level or the progress of the cognitive level, it is essentially a way for mankind to pursue excellence. It is not a burden to live up to me. Investment is a life practice and faith is forever.

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