Free sent 19,715 bitcoins, he only promotes bitcoin

Bitcoin tap

In the early days of Bitcoin, because there was no exchange, the P2P market and other simple acquisition methods could only be obtained by mining. However, for most people, this method is also very high, which is very unfavorable to the bit. The development of the currency. For this reason, early bitcoin developer Gavin Andresen has created a website called Bitcoin faucet. As long as you enter the verification code, you can get 5 BTCs. From this method, from June 2010 to 2011, he sent it out for free. 19,715 bitcoins.

Event review

June 11, 2010 5:38 PM

Gavin Andresen posted on Bitcoin talk called Promote Bitcoin, and he created a website called Bitcoin Tap. Each person only needs to enter the verification code to get 5 Bitcoins. In order to prevent the same person from participating multiple times, set up An IP can only participate once. In the beginning, a total of 1,100 bitcoins were used for activities, and their own bitcoin addresses were announced, calling on the community to participate in donations to continue the campaign.

In less than two hours later, at 5:27 PM on the same day, Gavin Andresen posted a message saying that he received 35 bitcoin donations, and then explained how to use the verification code in order to make it easier for everyone to participate, and why not be afraid of a single person. In order to get more bitcoin and change the IP address to get more bitcoin, because I don't believe that someone spends time and effort to write a program just to change the IP address to get only 5 bitcoins.

7:34 PM PM has a friend named lachesis replied that I got 5 bitcoins through this method but I feel that the whole person is not good, I call back to give you 50 bitcoins (xiaobian: what the fxxk? ).

On May 31, 2011, someone posted a message saying that there were no 5 bitcoins for free.

On June 2, 2011, someone replied that there was another, but it was changed to 0.02.

After that, there are basically no free distributions. Afterwards, many of the responses are issued by the Bitcoin address. If you have Bitcoin, can you send Bitcoin to yourself? (Williams circle checked a lot of addresses, no old iron pity them, the address is 0 bitcoin)

The William Coin Circle deliberately checked the author's bitcoin address, and there are currently 0.00322238 bitcoins left for a total of 9535 transfers. The acceptance and distribution are basically 78298 bitcoins.

From the transfer records, it is true that a lot of 5 bitcoins are sent out, and there are also a lot of large amounts of bitcoin transferred in, but the transfer is a small transfer later.

Summary: Bitcoin has been promoted in the early days. There are indeed a lot of free distribution of Bitcoin activities. However, many people have found that Bitcoin has turned over 10,000 times and found that their private key could not be found, or they could not remember the coin. Where is it? For ordinary people, it is still necessary to constantly improve their cognitive level and knowledge storage. If you don't know the principle of Bitcoin and the revolution and change that can be brought, even if you have 1000 bitcoins in 2010, you won't get it now. .