Media: Bitland will release next-generation mining machine S19

According to Wu said blockchain news, on the 16th, Wu said that the blockchain was exclusively learned from the supply chain. The next-generation S19 chip of Bitland has been sent to the TSMC current chip, and will soon be verified. S19 will use TSMC 7nm. Technology, S19PRO performance indicators can reach up to 30 watts per T. On the highest performance index that can be achieved, the ant mining machine S19 is higher than the Shenma M30S, but after Wu Jihan’s removal of all duties of the Jenke group, the technical priority route is tilted to the sales priority route, and the ant mining machine technology no longer blindly pursues the highest performance index. Instead, considering the cost performance, economy and stability, there will be many S19 models in the end. The actual indicators do not necessarily reach 30 watts per T, but the price/performance ratio will be better than that of the S17. Another source confirmed that the S19 mining machine chip had been designed before the Jenke group was dismissed.