"China Blockchain Development Report (2019)" Blue Book Released

On November 16th, it was sponsored by the Social Science Literature Publishing House of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the China Payment and Clearing Association, the China Financial Electronics Corporation, and the Beijing Blockchain Technology Application Association. Beijing Zhongke Jincai Technology Co., Ltd. and Du Xiaoman Technology ( The "2019 Financial Technology, Regulatory Technology, Blockchain Blue Book Launch Conference" jointly sponsored by Beijing) Co., Ltd. was held in Beijing. At the meeting, three annual blue books of China Financial Technology Development Report (2019), China Regulatory Technology Development Report (2019) and China Blockchain Development Report (2019) were issued, all of which were directed by relevant departments, regulatory agencies and scientific research. Experts, scholars and industry representatives from institutions, financial institutions and financial technology companies participated in the preparation. For the status quo and trends of financial technology, regulatory technology and blockchain development, the Blue Book provides an overview of the development of the blockchain industry, with a view to promoting financial technology to empower the real economy, shaping the core competitiveness of new finances, and focusing on preventing financial risks.