People's Court Report: Let the blockchain insert the technology wings for the "wisdom court"

The People's Court reported today that "let the blockchain technology plug the technology wings for the wisdom court". The article points out that the exploration of blockchain technology in the judicial field, especially the use of smart court construction, is the development of modern science and technology and the in-depth promotion of the people's court. The inevitable outcome of information construction. The development of science and technology is changing with each passing day. The people's court must have a strategic and forward-looking vision in the application and development of blockchain technology, early layout and advancement with the times. The effective use of blockchain technology in the judicial field will help break the credit and security restrictions of traditional judicial work, further deepen the integration of modern technology and court work, optimize processes, and create a true wisdom court. The article also puts forward three specific ideas, namely: 1. Actively explore the blockchain technology to apply the electronic evidence collection mechanism; 2. Improve the efficiency of the wisdom court and reduce operating costs; 3. Improve judicial openness and in-depth supervision, the court passed Synchronizing the trial data with the blockchain network in real time can form an effective whole process, full chain, and contactless supervision for the entire trial execution business.