Liu Di, CCID Research Institute: Blockchain can break the data monopoly of Internet companies, but also break the US data hegemony

According to Mars Financial News, Liu Quan, Dean of the CCID Research Institute of CCID, said that the communication technology in the blockchain is peer-to-peer and P2P, and the traditional Internet transmission mode is to input the operation first, then resolve to the IP address, and log in to the device. , log in to the system, and finally access the data. The entire global Internet operation is in the United States. This system supports 13 servers, and China is owned by 0. This means that in the blockchain environment, does it depend on the traditional Internet addressing model, can it break the monopoly that the United States has formed on the Internet? absolutely okay. Now the data on the chain, you can choose who can see, you can authorize. The user's data is realized, and the user has the final say, which can break the data monopoly of the Internet company, and can also break the data hegemony of the United States. Responsibly speaking, as long as it is the data of the network, or even the data of the private network, the United States has already backed up. After the blockchain, it will definitely change