Blockchain has four applications in Xiong'an New District

China’s Xiong’an official website released an article today. Blockchain is in the first place in Xiong'an. At present, blockchain technology has four applications in Xiong'an New Trend. They are: 1. Project project fund management, realizing project progress and contract transparent management, and fund disbursement Through-management management, multi-bank system direct connection and other functions; 2. Labor service wages are realized through penetrating distribution, and the builders' wages are transparently paid. If the project participants fail to pay the builders' wages on time, the blockchain smart contract will automatically The trigger payment mechanism is triggered, and the guarantee fund will be automatically transferred to the builder's salary card to realize the intelligent payment guarantee under the state of the builder. As of October this year, the blockchain fund management platform has accumulated wages for 110,000 builders on time; 3. Baiyangdian water pollution control, Baiyangdian water special blockchain research fund management platform to achieve the full process penetration of project feasibility study funds Management; 4, government service innovation practice, the establishment of data call mutual recognition mechanism by various government departments; blockchain asymmetric encryption technology, public and private key mechanism to ensure the security of data assets of the public and government departments.