DApp activity is sorted out: the four major public partners DApp yesterday active users totaled 85,687

According to DAppTotal.com data on November 17, yesterday, ETH/EOS/TRON/IOST four major public partners DApp single-day active users a total of 85,687, of which ETH public chain accounted for 43.66%, the best performance. Overall data comparison of the four public chains: total users (number): ETH (37,415) IOST (431, 541); across the four public chains TOP 3 DApp are: by user: BeeHive (TRON), Dice (EOS), 888Tron (TRON ); by transaction number: EIDOS (EOS), WINk (TRON), Dice (EOS); by transaction amount: Newdex (EOS), BigGame (EOS), WINk (TRON).