Two steps to complete, MoA network can easily achieve 8 kinds of intangible assets

According to official sources, the MoA network has easily realized the intangible assets of 8 kinds of intangible assets:
1. Your musical talent
2. Family recipes
3. Your understanding of the town
4. The artwork you created
5. Online influence
6. Your network
7. Opportunity to share a meal with you and share your knowledge in the industry
8. Your innovative ideas By using the MoA network to tokenize these intangible assets, you can exchange these tokens with the other party in exchange for services. With MoA, you can participate in the pioneering work of creating a new digital economy.
To tokenize your assets, you only need to complete two steps: 1. Fill in a simple form. 2. Click Create.
In addition, MoA has been integrated into Dorothy. If you have a Dorothy account, you can log in to MoA with the same ID and password. Click on the link below to try it.
MoA: https://MoA.Network