Inventory: 11 blockchain listed companies 蹭 hot spots were inquired, business is still in the exploration stage

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In late October, the blockchain attracted the enthusiasm. More than 100 blockchain concept stocks in the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets skyrocketed and set off a daily frenzy in the two cities. On October 28, according to China Securities Journal, 155 of the 155 daily limit stocks were 129. Only the blockchain concept stocks, and another 26 daily limit stocks are also infected with the blockchain. As of November 14, according to the same flush data, the blockchain concept stock has increased to 213.

The blockbuster industry's high fever has not caused the sensation to cool down. Recently, many official media headed by the People's Daily have written articles for many days, criticizing “fried coins” and “hot spots in the blockchain”. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued a letter of inquiry to a number of companies that mentioned the blockchain business, asking them to explain the company's current status in the blockchain business. Many of them use the name of “blockchain”, and the stocks of hot spots are gradually showing their feet.

1. 1 1 was asked, most of them were required to disclose the blockchain business model

According to PANews statistics, 11 companies have received regulatory inquiries from the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, and 9 of them have responded to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange inquiries. In addition to the inquiry letter, on the interactive platform of the Shanghai and Shenzhen exchanges, the blockchain question and answer is also a hot issue. According to the platform data, only between October 24 and November 13, the number of questions and answers on the “blockchain” has reached 3,716. This paper only selects the regulatory inquiry letter of the recent blockchain concept company receiving the couple as a sample of this article.

▲The relevant companies that have received the inquiry letter from the exchange (simplified table, summary of contents see below)

In order to better understand the focus of the regulatory agency on the blockchain concept company, the overall operation status of the blockchain concept company and the existence of the relevant companies, the PANews questioned the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and the divisions. A brief text analysis of the response to the inquiry letter.

Regulatory focus:

▲ Figure Shenzhen Stock Exchange inquiry letter frequency map

From the word frequency map above, it can be seen that in the aggregated inquiry letter, the frequency of words such as “application”, “disclosure”, “blockchain technology”, “scene” and “business” is significantly higher. When further checking the regulatory inquiries issued by the exchange, it is not difficult to find that the supervisory inquiry letter mainly focuses on three major themes:

■ Require the listed company to disclose the specific mode of the blockchain business, including application scenarios and profit models;

■ Require listed companies to detail the company's business progress, including talent, technology reserves, investment funds, and estimated income;

■ Prompt for operational risks.

2. The response keyword is "not yet"

▲ Figure each division responds to the announcement of the word frequency map

According to statistics, the above 11 companies are involved in intelligent hardware, automobile manufacturing, power equipment, textiles, medical health, games, digital TV, communications, education, and corporate services. According to the announcements of the nine companies responding to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, PANews made similar word frequency extractions for the relevant announcements. According to the extracted results, hot words such as “supply chain”, “financial”, “trace source”, “copyright” and “smart” are relatively high frequency. It can also be seen that at present, blockchain technology in the practical application of various divisions mainly promotes the development of its original business from the perspectives of finance, traceability, deposit and copyright protection.

Among them, Mei Yingsen said that the participation in Oracle Super Code is aimed at providing value-added services such as anti-counterfeiting traceability and precision marketing for downstream customers through packaging. The “blockchain agricultural production traceability system” independently developed by Jingnong Technology Co., Ltd., which has independent intellectual property rights, has been filed by the National Internet Information Office. In addition, Lexin Medical said it plans to use the blockchain to build a user health data private chain, and to link some models of smart wearable sports bracelets, electronic sphygmomanometers and electronic health scales.

▲Graphic to reply to high frequency adverbs

In addition, on the basis of the above word frequency extraction, PANews further analyzes the high frequency adverb time words in the content of the essential edition announcement (see later). According to statistics, “not yet” is the most adverb appearing; and the state of affairs in the future of the progress of the table has repeatedly appeared in the announcements of various divisions. Correspondingly, most of the relevant companies do not currently have a very clear business model, and the application layout of the blockchain is also in its infancy.

In fact, the word frequency corresponds to the public response to the “blockchain business process”. It is known that the blockchain technology of the relevant division companies is still in the “research” and “exploration phase”; even if applied, its blockchain business There is no capacity to have a material impact on performance.

For example, Zhongqingbao disclosed the contract revenue of the company's blockchain business on the evening of October 29. According to the announcement, the contract income of the above business is 850,000 yuan, which can be included in the business income of 575,700 yuan in 2019, and the net profit is 526,700 yuan, a small proportion. According to the Great Wall of Culture, the above two softwares developed by Zhiyou Xiaolong and its subsidiaries involve blockchain technology, which is currently being deployed and commissioned, has not been put into use, and has not generated operating income. Jingu shares responded to the current product life cycle information traceability is still in the early stage, the traceability of the chain can basically only be medium-sized or large-scale brand, the brand is responsible for the chain of their own product information.

It is worth noting that as of October 2019, the National Network Information Office has announced two batches of 506 domestic blockchain information service projects, including the first batch of 197 and the second batch of 309. Among them are 28 A-share listed companies such as Industrial and Commercial Bank, Ping An Bank, Suning Tesco, Yuanguang Software, Oriental Fortune, Hang Seng Electronics, Yuanguang Software, Aerospace Information, Anne Shares, and Easy View.

In fact, in addition to a small number of organizations investing a lot of financial resources and team development, most of the listed companies' blockchain business is still in the state of planning and concept, and there is still a long way to go from scale application. The Guosheng Securities Research Report shows that the blockchain industry is still in its infancy, and more than 95% of related companies are only in the stage of seed round, angel round and A round of financing, which means that the current blockchain concept of listed companies In the real world, there are very few business profits, and there are not many companies whose business is really linked to the core technology of the blockchain. Therefore, when the market is adjusted back, the differentiation is intensified and the investment risk is high.

3. Inquiry details (partial question and answer)

According to the above statistics, the companies that have received the exchange inquiry letter now include 11 companies: Jinglan Technology, Jingu, Hailian Jinhui, Meiyingsen, Helong Technology, Annoqi, Lexin Medical, Cultural Great Wall. , Zhongqingbao, digital technology, Anjubao. Nine of them have responded to issues related to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. To this end, PANews selected part of the Q&A:

■ Zhongqingbao Q: Recently, some media reported that “the blockchain has already stepped out of the bubble stage in the early stage of the industry, and the application scenario has gradually begun to fall. In the future, once the business model is large-scale, it is expected to grow rapidly based on platform and ecology.” Your company is considered by the media to involve concepts such as blockchain and digital currency. The company's stock has risen continuously since September 12, 2019, with a cumulative increase of 48%. Our department is concerned about this, please ask the company to verify and explain the following:

1. Please check with your relevant media reports to find out if your company is involved in blockchain, digital currency and other technologies. If the relevant technology is not involved, please clarify and fully indicate the risk of speculation.

2. Please check whether the fundamentals of the company have changed in combination with the internal and external operating environment and business development of the company, whether there are any information that should be disclosed and not disclosed, whether there are major issues in the planning or other matters that may cause abnormal fluctuations in stock trading. .

A: Zhongqingbao disclosed the contract revenue of the company's blockchain business on the evening of the 29th. According to the announcement, the contract income of the above business is 850,000 yuan, which can be included in the business income of 575,700 yuan in 2019, and the net profit is 526,700 yuan, a small proportion.

■ Mei Yingsen Q: On October 25, 2019, your company disclosed that the company's research and development of industrial hemp and hemp seeds for artificial meat products has achieved initial results, and a tasting will be held on related products. On October 26th, your company said on the interactive platform that the core product of Zhejiang Oracle Super Code Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Oracle”), your company's shareholding company, is involved in the blockchain field. Our department is highly concerned about this. Please ask your company to conduct a serious self-examination and write a written explanation on the following matters:

1. For your company's participation in Oracle, please ask the company to explain in detail:

2. Explain your company's equity investment in Oracle, Oracle's performance commitment and implementation, and the impact on your company's performance in the 2019 quarterly report.

3. Combine your company's main business to explain the necessity of your company's involvement in the blockchain industry, and what kind of synergy with the existing main business, whether the relevant decision-making is scientific and cautious, and fully indicate the potential risks.

Question 3: On April 20, 2019, your company disclosed the shareholding reduction plan of Wang Haipeng, the controlling shareholder of the company, and Wang Zhijun, the second largest shareholder. Please ask the company to self-examine and explain the actual reduction of the above-mentioned shareholders' holdings from the pre-disclosure announcement date to the present. The controlling shareholder, actual controller, director of the board of supervisors and their concerted actions are 3 times before the date of issuance of this letter. The stock trading situation and the increase and decrease plan for the next three months indicate whether your company has used the concepts of industrial marijuana, artificial meat, blockchain and other speculations to match the shareholder's shareholding.

A: Mei Yingsen will respond that the main raw material of the company's research and development of plant protein meat and other related products is the hemp kernel after the industrial hemp seed is shelled. The state has no restrictions on the use of cosmetic raw materials and processing of hemp seeds, hemp skin and hemp rods. The foods produced with hemp seed as raw materials are listed on the relevant e-commerce websites, indicating that industrial hemp seeds can be used as food and raw materials.

Mei Yingsen disclosed in the announcement that his industrial cannabis industry project was not in the early stage of planning, preparation and investment project filing, land transfer agreement signing, product application research and development stage, and construction has not yet started. Mei Yingsen said that the raw materials used in the research and application of the company's products are currently outsourced, and preparations for planting capacity have begun to prepare for the next year's planting and home-made raw materials. As the project as a whole is still in the planning preparation process, as of now, the listed company has invested a total of about 10.86.84 million yuan.

In addition, for the investment in Zhejiang Oracle Super Code Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Oracle Super Code), and thus involved in the blockchain business, Mei Yingsen also explained. According to the company, investing in Oracle Super Code helps to provide downstream customers with intelligent packaging value-added services such as anti-counterfeiting traceability and precision marketing, and enhances the company's customer service level and market expansion capabilities, thereby contributing to the company's packaging business development.

At the end of the reply, Mei Yingsen said that participating in the Oracle Super Code and entering the industrial cannabis industry is the company's profitability in the main business, to improve the company's profitability, enhance the company's value, and maximize the interests of investors. The forward-looking layout and useful exploration. The company said that it does not use the concept of industrial cannabis, artificial meat, blockchain and other speculation to share the shareholder's shareholding.

■ Cultural Great Wall

Q: Your company's stock price has been trading for three consecutive trading days from October 24 to October 28, 2019. Some media reports that your company is a blockchain concept stock. Among the more than 50 R&D investment projects disclosed in your company's 2018 annual report, 6 software copyright names or descriptions involve blockchains, 2 of which are developed by Henan Zhiyou Xiaolong Education Technology Co., Ltd. and its subsidiaries. 4 items were developed by Beijing Jade Education Technology Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Jade Education”) and its subsidiaries. Our department is highly concerned about this, please ask your company to carefully verify and explain the following matters:

1. R&D background, R&D cycle, investment amount, R&D personnel, and specific application scenarios of the above six software copyrights.

2. Based on the above six software copyrights, signed sales orders, realized business income and profits, specific impact on the company's operating results and the proportion of the company's 2018 and 2019 first three quarters.

3. In combination with the above-mentioned responses and the situation of out of control of Jade Education, fully explain the relationship between your company's business and blockchain technology.

A: The Great Wall of Culture replied in the announcement that the blockchain-based idle vehicle rental system developed by its wholly-owned subsidiary Zhiyou Xiaolong was mainly used for idle vehicle leasing, using blockchain technology to ensure vehicle data. , renting data, disclosure of user data, non-destructible modification, etc., while achieving decentralized storage, ensuring data security.

In addition, Zhiyou Longlong Company developed OK Angel Coin Software in January 2018. The software is mainly used to create an open virtual currency system for embedding in various network platforms or APPs. The APP can directly integrate the virtual currency system to implement a reward or credit system within its own program.

According to the Great Wall of Culture, the above two softwares developed by Zhiyou Xiaolong and its subsidiaries involve blockchain technology, which is currently being deployed and commissioned, has not been put into use, and has not generated operating income.

Regarding jade education, the Great Wall of Culture said that according to the information provided by the company in the 2018 season, Jade Education showed that in March 2018, Jade Education and its subsidiaries developed and published their own software based on blockchain technology. Learning Assessment System V1.0”, “Practical Project Sharing Platform V1.0 Based on Blockchain Technology”, “Research Outcome Platform V1.0 Based on Blockchain Technology”, “Campus Based on Blockchain Technology” The student sharing platform V1.0 has registered for copyright registration.

However, due to the company's loss of control over Jade Education and the inability to obtain information from Jade Education, it is impossible to determine the sales orders, realized business income and profits, and the impact on the company's operating results of the four software copyrights owned by Jade Education.

The announcement pointed out that as of the date of the reply, the company has lost control of Jade Education and will no longer include it in the scope of the company's consolidated statements. Jade Education will no longer provide periodic reports, financial statements and other documents to the company. Therefore, it is impossible to know Jade Education. The relationship with blockchain technology.

■ Jinglan Technology

Q: On October 28, 2019, the board of directors of Jinglan Technology Co., Ltd. received the letter of concern from the Management Department of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, regarding the letter of concern to Jinglan Technology Co., Ltd. (Corporate Department Letter of Interest [2019] No. 114 No.) (hereinafter referred to as "the Letter of Concern"), for the subsidiary company's blockchain agricultural production disclosed by Jinglan Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Company", "Jinglan Technology", "Listed Company") Announcement of the traceability system through the blockchain information service (announcement number: 2019-144, hereinafter referred to as "recording announcement") and "announcement on the pre-winning of the holding subsidiary in Xiong'an New District Project" (Announcement No.: 2019-149 The following is referred to as the "winning bid". After receiving the Letter of Concern, the board of directors and management of the company attached great importance to the matters of concern and actively organized relevant parties to seriously analyze and demonstrate the issues mentioned in the Letter of Concern. Now the company has completed the reply to the "Response Letter", the specific response is as follows:

Question 1: The website of the National Network Information Office shows that the “Announcement on the Issuance of the Second Batch of Domestic Blockchain Information Service Record Numbers” was issued on October 18, 2019. Your company did not disclose the filing announcement until October 28. Please ask your company to check the reasons for failure to disclose in time, and whether there is selective information disclosure.

Question 2: The filing announcement shows that your company's wholly-owned subsidiary, Jinglan International Engineering Co., Ltd., is a limited partner of Beijing Jinglan Yunshang Technology Partnership (Limited Partnership) (hereinafter referred to as “Jinglan Yunshang Technology”). With 99.5% share, Jinglan Yunshang Technology holds 99% equity of Jinglan Yunzhi Internet of Things Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Jinglan Yunzhilian”), and Hao Nongyi is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jinglan Yunzhilian. Please combine the above-mentioned shareholding structure description to put the good agricultural easy into the scope of your company's consolidated scope, and combine the financial data of the farmer's three years to explain the national network letter office cloth blockchain information service filing matters on your company's business and performance specific Impact, and adequately suggest relevant risks.

Question 3: The filing announcement shows that the current “blockchain agricultural production traceability system” has provided production traceability services for agricultural enterprises in Inner Mongolia, Hebei, Xinjiang, Ningxia and other regions, especially in the rice planting of Xing'an League digital farm and Alibaba Cloud. Jointly establish the whole process blockchain traceability service from planting to processing, transportation and retail. Please add your company's main customers, orders and sales in the above areas, and the specific content of cooperation with Alibaba Cloud.

A: Jinglan Technology said that the Internet Information Office of Hebei Province notified the company's subsidiary company, Hao Nongyi, on the afternoon of October 24th that the “blockchain agricultural production traceability system” with independent intellectual property rights has passed the national Internet. The information office is filed. Good farmers are easy to inform the company on October 26, the company issued the relevant announcement on October 27, there is no selective information disclosure.

Jinglan Technology responded to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on the evening of November 4, saying that the company's subsidiary company, Hao Nongyi, has established a long-term strategic partnership with Alibaba Cloud Computing Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Zhiwang Information Technology Co., Ltd., and will use its blockchain. The accumulation of technology will further deepen the development of the underlying technology of the blockchain in the agricultural area. Jinglan Technology said that in the future, Hao Ningyi will continue to promote the application of socialized services and “blockchain agricultural production traceability system” to meet the large demand for large-scale production. The development of the blockchain business of Hao Nongyi has a certain business foundation and achievability.

■ Jingu shares

Q: On October 28, 2019, your company disclosed that it signed a "Strategic Cooperation Agreement" with Hangzhou Jianan Zhizhi Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Jianan Zhizhi"). Your company's subsidiary Teweilun Network Technology (Hangzhou) ) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Twei Wheel") intends to establish a joint venture with Jianan Yuzhi Subsidiary Hangzhou Jianan Block Chain Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Jianan Block Chain") to realize the use of blockchain technology Tracing back to the source of repair parts and maintenance records. The joint venture company plans to have a registered capital of RMB 10 million, Tewei Wheel holds 51% of the shares, and Jianan Block Chain holds 49%. Our department is highly concerned about this. Please ask your company to conduct a serious self-examination and write a written explanation on the following matters:

Please combine the layout of your company and trading partners in the blockchain field, the blockchain technology you are currently in at the stage of R&D and application, and whether the related technologies are technically feasible in market-oriented commercial applications. The relevant talent reserve situation, the relationship between the blockchain and your company's business, and whether there are policy and legal risks related to the development of the blockchain business, detailing the feasibility and necessity of your company and the transaction partner to carry out this cooperation.

2. Your company discloses that Tweed intends to establish a joint venture with the Jianan blockchain and use blockchain technology to trace the source of auto repair parts and maintenance records. Please elaborate on the operation mode of the cooperative business, the implementation path of the traceability source, the specific impact and substantial utility of the blockchain technology on your company's post-car market business, and please cooperate with your company in the development of blockchain business. Risk and uncertainty are fully risky.

A: Jingu shares replied to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The company's blockchain cooperation aims to develop the automotive aftermarket business. It does not involve token issuing and financing related business. The policies and regulations related to the Bitcoin industry will not have a direct impact on the company. The company and Jianan Yuzhi reached a strategic cooperation, which is conducive to the company to further develop the automotive aftermarket business, to solve the problem of the traceability of the auto parts market maintenance and repair industry parts and maintenance records.

However, there are many risks in the blockchain business. In its reply, Jingu shares said that due to the wide variety of auto parts, whether the parts manufacturers, especially the producers of small and medium-sized brands, can cooperate with the product information to the blockchain, there is greater uncertainty.

In addition, the authenticity of the uplink information is a common problem in the application of blockchain. Jingu shares explained that for the automotive industry, where the supply chain is extremely complicated, the first step of information tracking and anti-counterfeiting will still face the problem of missing, scattered and asymmetric information. The current product life cycle information traceability is still in the early stage, and the traceability can basically only be done to medium or large-scale brand owners, and the brand owners are responsible for the chaining of their product information.

Jingu shares stressed that the company's cooperation with Jia Nan Zhizhi is a cautious decision, there is no situation to actively cater to the market hotspot speculation. The controlling shareholder of the company, shareholders holding more than 5% of shares and Dong Jiangao have no plans to reduce their holdings within the next three months, but they said that they may not rule out the possibility of reducing their holdings in the next three months to six months.

■ Hailian Jinhui


1. The research and development of 36 blockchain invention patents of your company, including but not limited to R&D time, R&D investment, patent ownership, patent application (if any), and whether it has application prospects.

3, "Credible Blockchain: Blockchain Supply Chain Financial Industry System Application Specification" "Blockchain and Supply Chain Finance White Paper" participate in the drafting of the company list, whether your company plays a key role in the drafting process, and explain reason.

3. Combine the development of the industry and the progress of the project, etc., and explain whether your company's blockchain technology has core competitiveness in the industry. Does your company have sufficient risk warnings for this?

A: Hailian Jinhui replied that since the submission of the first patent application on August 9, 2016, the subsidiary company's linkage advantage has been applied for as a single applicant and disclosed 36 blockchain-related invention patents. Open and enter the actual review stage, relevant information can be queried on the national intellectual property related website. The aforementioned patents cover aspects such as consensus algorithms, transaction processing, consensus algorithm testing, smart contract applications, and applications.

"Credible Blockchain: Blockchain Supply Chain Financial Industry System Application Specification" is a group standard drafted by the China Information and Communication Research Institute under the name of the Trusted Blockchain Promotion Plan. There are 9 drafting units. The advantage is involved. The White Paper on Blockchain and Supply Chain Finance is a white paper led by China Information and Communication Research Institute, Tencent Financial Technology, and Shenzhen Qianhailian Yirong Finance in the name of the Trusted Blockchain Promotion Plan. The home support unit participated in the preparation, and the linkage advantage was among them. “The linkage advantage mainly participates in the third case of the third part of the white paper “Blockchain+Supply Chain Financial Case Analysis”, which is the third case of “Linked Advantage Cross-border Factoring Financing Credit Management Platform”, and is responsible for the full text of relevant cases of each unit. Integration, review verification, etc."

In terms of applications, Hailian Jinhui said that up to now, in addition to the supply chain financial system around cross-border e-commerce – cross-border factoring financing credit management platform, and supply chain financial system around core enterprises – "based on the block The chain of Hailian Jinhui supply chain financial service system has been launched, and the rest is still in the research and development stage, and has not yet officially entered the application. “The cross-border factoring financing credit management platform is currently mainly used for the company's own cross-border payment business, which has not been used in external business and has not yet realized external revenue. The supply chain financial service system has been put into use and applied to the company's own factoring business. Used in external business, the revenue has not been realized externally."

■ Happy Medical

Q: Your company said on October 27, 2019 on the Interactive Platform that the company will continue to explore solutions for new technologies such as blockchain technology in the medical and health fields, business models, and software and hardware technologies. Our department is concerned about this, please ask your company to verify and explain the following:

Your company disclosed the "Guangdong Lexin Medical Electronics Co., Ltd. Announcement on Jointly Establishing Blockchain Research Laboratories" on March 19, 2018. Please explain your company's investment in blockchain laboratories (including personnel). , equipment, technology and capital, etc., project progress, research results and impact on the company's production and operation, combined with your company's letter to the GEM [2018] No. 131, indicating whether the project has achieved the expected results, If the expectations are not met, please explain the reasons.

A: Lexin Medical responded to the inquiry letter on October 31st, saying that the company's response on the interactive platform does not involve insider information, but only responds to the questions raised by investors. There is no initiative to cater to market hotspots and speculate the company's stock price. The situation. The company originally planned to apply the blockchain technology to smart bracelets, watches, electronic health scales and other products, and the company has not yet realized sales revenue.

Since the signing of the Agreement on the Joint Establishment of Blockchain Research Laboratories, the company has been based on its main business and has continued to explore the blockchain technology in the medical and health field. In 2018, the relevant personnel expenses of the project totaled 3.5 million yuan, and the expenses for renting cloud resources and surrounding facilities totaled 2.3 million yuan. The funds invested in the above-mentioned projects are all invested by the company.

At present, the company has built a happy and healthy cloud “Lexin Cloud” through self-construction, investment and cooperation. The platform is a large-scale distributed IoT platform, which provides hardware manufacturers with a unified intelligent hardware access capability and greatly reduces hardware. At the same time of access costs, it also provides customers with a productized solution. In the process of entering the cloud, user data needs to ensure sufficient security, credibility and disaster tolerance.

Based on the above scenarios, the company will pay close attention to the maturity of the underlying technology and legal norms of the blockchain. On the basis of mature conditions, the company plans to build a private data link for users' health data, and some models of smart wearable sports bracelets, electronic blood pressure monitors and The data of the electronic health scale is linked to realize a decentralized, secure storage and tamper-proof user health data cloud storage platform. However, at present, blockchain technology is still immature as a new technology, and it still faces many challenges in technology. It takes time for most domestic public chain technology service providers to use it from commercial use.

■ Annoqi

Q: On October 29, 2019, your company announced that it had signed an Investment Cooperation Agreement with Hangzhou Caishang Data Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Hangzhou Lottery”). The two parties intend to jointly set up Shanghai Shanglu Color Chain Data. Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "still color chain"). Your company invested 6 million yuan in cash, with a shareholding ratio of 60%. Hangzhou Lottery invested 4 million yuan in cash, with a 40% shareholding. The business scope of the color chain includes the research and development of big data asset trading platform and blockchain business. Our department is concerned about this, please ask your company to verify and explain the following:

1. Please combine the application and business model of the business or technology related to the color chain. Your company's current blockchain business revenue and profit scale account for the relevant technical reserves, personnel reserves and equipment for the blockchain business. Funding, the research and application stage of the blockchain technology and the mastery of the core technology, etc., indicate whether the color chain blockchain business has a corresponding business foundation and achievability, and the above investment matters for your company's financial status and The specific impact of the operating results and the relevant risks are fully indicated.

2. What kind of synergy effect does your company's investment decision-making time node, decision-making mechanism, and decision-making personnel have with the existing main business, and please explain the necessity of your company's involvement in the blockchain industry in combination with the above reply. Whether the investment decision of the color chain is prudent, whether there is a situation of actively catering to market hotspots and speculating the company's stock price.

A: Annoqi said that in 2018, the company was established to be digital, creating a digital B2C custom platform for art fashion. Digital is also the core driving force of digital printing technology, which commercializes and sells culture, art and fashion. The traceable, non-tamperable nature of blockchain technology will record the production, sales, and circulation of every item on the platform. Through blockchain technology, consumers are guaranteed the authenticity of goods purchased on the platform, and the follow-up service experience is improved. The IP copyright of the brand, the copyright of the artist, and the copyright of the Wenchuang product will be effectively protected.

■ Combination Technology

Q: On October 29, 2019, your company directly disclosed the “Announcement on the Foreign Investment of the Company's wholly-owned Subsidiaries”: Shanghai Helong Power Internet of Things Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary (hereinafter referred to as “Combined Objects”) It is planned to increase the capital of Beijing Chain Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Chain Technology”) by RMB 20 million and obtain approximately 10% of its equity by cash. Chain Technology was established on June 29, 2018. The net assets at the end of the most recent period was 4.49 million yuan. The net profit of the latest year and the first period was a loss. The main operating entity is Beijing Caizhi Technology Co., Ltd., focusing on artificial intelligence. Related services for big data and blockchain systems. This investment is conducive to the promotion of the integration of the material and electricity management and management efficiency, and explore the application chain of the distribution of the Internet of Things. Our department is concerned about this, please ask your company to verify and explain the following:

1. Please add the specific business content, core competitive advantages, R&D personnel and proportion of the relevant technology, the relevant intellectual property rights, and supplement the disclosure of the basis and fairness of the capital increase. .

2. Please explain the development of the alliance chain application business of your company's distribution and distribution of the Internet of Things, the amount of revenue in the most recent year, and the artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain technology owned by Caizhi Technology. Correlation with the above-mentioned business of your company, the specific implementation of strategic cooperation between the two parties, commercial application scenarios and profit models.

A: Helong Technology responded that the comprehensive innovation of blockchain technology and power distribution intelligent terminals is far more than the so-called “hot spot” in terms of policy, and it is also a solution in power internet. The inevitable development direction of distribution intelligent terminal products. At present, the company is cooperating with the chain technology to carry out product development of related blockchain + intelligent power distribution, and plans to become a blockchain information service provider for the national network information office of the power distribution field. The main mode of profitability of the company in the future is to help grid customers build related systems and sell smart terminal products with IoT and blockchain functions. After verification, the company's controlling shareholder, actual controller, directors, supervisors, senior management personnel and their immediate family members did not exist to buy or sell company stocks in the past month. There is no insider trading situation, and the company's wholly-owned subsidiaries and chain books The inside information of the technology signing agreement agreement has been reported to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.