Developer: Harmony will not support Ethereum Istanbul hard forks

Babbitt News, according to AMBCrypto, on November 15th, Tim Beiko, product manager of PegaSys Protocol Engineering, was on Twitter to synchronize the developer's conference call about the progress of the Ethereum Istanbul hard fork (expected on December 4th). After releasing several versions of Netermind, Besu, and Geth, Parity v2.5.10 stable and v.2.6.5 Beta are the latest releases. This version will add a block number to activate the Istanbul hard fork and other updates on the backbone. In addition to the latest version of Parity, Aleth 1.7.0 is also released, which focuses on the hard-forked EIP in Istanbul. Although developers urged the community to update their nodes, Beiko revealed that only 16% of the nodes have been updated. In addition, Beiko revealed that Harmony will not support Istanbul. “We also received updates from EthereumJ / Harmony, announcing that they will stop maintaining their Eth 1 client to focus on Eth 2.0. They will not support Istanbul.”