Director of the Inner Mongolia Department of Justice: Exploring blockchain technology to promote law enforcement supervision and prison score assessment

According to the news report, on November 16, the director of the Inner Mongolia Justice Department, Bi Lifu, said that it can explore the application of blockchain technology, fix the law enforcement process throughout the whole process, conduct a comprehensive and objective evaluation of law enforcement personnel and law enforcement behaviors, promote law enforcement standardization, and promote law enforcement. Supervision and prison score assessment are open and fair. Inner Mongolia is sparsely populated, and the distribution of urban and rural legal service resources is not balanced. The multi-level and personalized legal service needs of the people are not fully met. In response to the above shortcomings, the Inner Mongolia Justice Department can explore the use of blockchain technology and improve the construction of public legal service platforms. In the public chain, anyone can read and send data for effective confirmation. Anyone can participate in the consensus process and publicize the public legal service data records on the public chain. All the people can access except the confidential data. Promote data sharing, optimize business processes, and improve collaboration efficiency. Through data aggregation analysis and screening, we can gain a deeper understanding of the actual needs of the people for legal services, promote the reform of the supply side of public legal services, enhance the awareness rate, preferred rate and satisfaction rate of the public on public legal services, and provide more intelligence to the people. More convenient and better quality legal services, and effectively open up the "last mile" of the legal service.