Xiamen "Notary for the Access and Management of Notarized Blockchain Platforms" provides reference for the standardization of the notary industry

In 2017, the Lujiang Notary Office of Xiamen City, Fujian Province tried to explore the application and practice of the blockchain, speeding up the reform of the notarization industry and leading the development of industrial innovation. In the past two years, after completing basic work such as software and hardware equipment provision, project research, technology research and development, and talent introduction, Fujian Province has participated in the research of “to the letter chain” project, and Fujian Province has established a “notarization cloud” to help the construction of smart justice. Lujiang Notary Office has successively explored the application of practice blockchain technology, and combined with the characteristics of the notary industry, established and improved the "Notarization of Notarized Blockchain Platform Access and Management", providing important technical standards and regulatory norms for the construction of industrial blockchain. reference. In terms of business applications, Lujiang Notary Public Office has developed a Chinese intellectual property notary service platform, which has become a typical case of blockchain technology application. The notary institution takes advantage of the platform's multi-point distributed forensics technology, adopts multi-site cooperative services, and joint operations forensics, and gives full play to the advantages of the notarization system in intellectual property protection.