Foreign media: Global debt will reach 255 trillion US dollars, marking the failure of the world economy "A plan"

The International Debt Monitoring Data released this month by the International Finance Institute shows that by the end of 2019, global debt will reach $255 trillion, and world debt will increase by $12 trillion from the end of 2018, equivalent to $32,500 per person on Earth, or Every bitcoin is $10.1 million. The US alone has a national debt of $23 trillion, and the Fed is not afraid of the idea of ​​continued debt expansion. However, for Bitcoin supporters, the judgment on the legal currency economy is obvious, and it will create more than $12 million in debt for each bitcoin. Cryptologist Rhythm said on Twitter that it is clear that Plan A has failed. The sum of world debt has never been so high. As the status of Bitcoin continues to rise, people have increased their efforts to make consumers understand the benefits of it as a hard currency: there is no currency that any authority or single actor can manipulate.