Vice Governor of Zhejiang Province, Mr. Happy: Zhejiang will accelerate the integration of “blockchain physical economy” and create a new business model

According to China News Network, on November 17, the 2019 International Blockchain Conference was held in Deqing, Zhejiang. At the meeting, Zhejiang Provincial Vice Governor Xingfu said that the Zhejiang blockchain is in a state of full industrial chain layout, extending from chips to the underlying platform and then to the industry. Blockchain technology has also gradually extended from a single digital finance to Related fields of economic and social development. Next, Zhejiang will continue to dig deep into the value of “blockchain+”, especially to accelerate the integration of “blockchain+real economy”, “blockchain+people's livelihood”, “blockchain+smart city”, etc. Create a batch of application templates that can be copied and promoted, and create new application scenarios to create a new business model.