Data: The total amount of coin-based DEX transactions in October exceeded $50 million.

According to the October issue of the currency chain, since the main online line in April, the currency chain ecology has been continuously developing. The development of the currency chain has made significant progress under the joint efforts of the community. With the successful upgrade of Heisenberg, the function of the coin chain is also evolving.
After more than five months of smooth operation, the block height of the coin chain has exceeded 46 million, recording more than 33 million transactions. The total number of addresses on the chain exceeded 300,000. At present, the total number of tokens issued on the currency chain has exceeded 160. The important significance of the coin security DEX is to let the community master the initiative in the management of the currency. Community members can track the latest SGD proposal transactions on the browser, as well as the certifier's voting information on this proposal. More complete proposal information will be posted on the forum. This open and transparent process has attracted more and more projects. In October, the certifier has voted for 11 SGD proposals and two more proposals are in the process of voting. There are a total of 115 trading pairs on the coin DEX, and many project parties have launched a trading contest. In October, the total transaction volume of the currency DEX has exceeded 50 million US dollars, and the latest trading volume can be found on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. Following BTCB, the currency security trading platform announced the issuance of a series of mainstream currency anchors in the BEP2 format on the currency chain: LTC-F07, BCH-1FD.