People's Daily: Financial technology can't blindly focus on hot spots, traffic, and earning valuations by speculation

On November 18th, the People’s Daily issued a document saying that financial technology is not a basket, and everything can be loaded into it. With the technology express, financial can achieve accelerated speed running, but can not blindly follow the trend, but can not blindly focus on hot spots, traffic, and earn a valuation by speculation. The development of financial technology is a "lizi" problem, not a "face" project. It should be paid attention to, but it should not be too short-term. 5G, blockchain, etc., have allowed some companies that have really dig deep into financial technology research to win applause from the market. There are also many companies that rely on big data and artificial intelligence to develop, but those that do not have scientific business models and clear development planning support, It is often a flash in the pan.