The market reacted to the message and the trend is still downward.

The internal and external environment of the market has not improved much. We have seen some unfavorable news about the currency circle recently, but the market has not fallen sharply, or it is running at its own pace, slowly falling, such a trend. If there is a possibility, the Zhongyang line will suddenly appear, but don't think that this will be a signal of turning momentum. The big probability of this trend is a lure trend, because the current short-term moving averages are all short-selling trends, not one. The root-yang line can turn, and if there is no accident, the market is still a trend of gradual exploration. The operation is mainly based on caution.


From the weekly level, BTC has already penetrated half of the previous big Yangxian line, and has actually fallen below the 5-week line. The repeated yin and yang intersecting moves are very large for the long-term consumption. I am afraid that the trend is the same as that from June to September. After the volume has shrunk to a certain extent, I am afraid that it will start to find the bottom again. From the daily level, it is not very optimistic. The short-term averages have formed short positions. Form a certain pressure on the price of the currency, pay attention to the support strength around 8300, the trend of the yin falls is the most grueling, I still recommend that everyone participate cautiously, keep a wait-and-see, and wait for the trend to make a decision.


The view on ETH has not changed. It has been oscillating under the neckline. It has repeatedly tested the pressure of the neckline of $190. Whether it can break through the key depends on the volume and performance of the BTC. Without independent market, the probability is to follow the market. The pressure at the bottom of the target is relatively large. The current transaction volume is not enough to form an effective breakthrough. If the delay cannot be broken, the market is far from the recognition of the target. If it is not as good as BTC, if the target is to look back near 150 dollars, be careful, the three touches will break, the three touches will break, and the individual thinks that the BTC is more likely to go downwards, and the target may follow.

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