Data show: last week EOS DApp single-day active users continue to climb

According to DAppTotal data, in the past week, the number of EOS public-chain DApp single-day active users has been increasing continuously since March 25, reaching 135,928 on March 31, an increase of 19.58%. Comprehensive comparison of DApp ecological situation of ETH, EOS and TRON three public chains: Total users (number): EOS(170,603) > TRON(130,954) > ETH(35,512); Total transactions (pen): EOS(27,788,418) > TRON(12,064,662) > ETH(449,711); Total transaction amount (US$): TRON(111,083,745) > EOS(102,188,346) > ETH(29,612,380); TOP3 DApps across three public chains: Hash Baby(EOS), Endless Game (EOS), EOSABC (EOS); TOP3 DApps by transaction number are Hash Baby (EOS), TronCrush (TRON), Dice (EOS); TOP3 DApps by transaction volume: TronCrush (TRON), TRONbet (TRON) , EOSJacks (EOS).