A three-person series worth seeing

There are usually three good things. Giza has three big pyramids, three musketeers, three wise men, three bones in human ears, and now there are three series of games about Dorothy: Craps, Dice, Roulette. 3 Let our series be developed by NodeNum in collaboration with EdenChain. There are three reasons why they are great. First, the game results are transparent, you can view them at any time. 2. When you play with Ted, you don't have to pay for petrol, and you don't have to pay transaction fees during the entire game. You can take back your big winner for a small fee. 3. The game interoperates with MoA and Pegasus. Access the premium password wallet features and password exchange concierge services offered by MoA and Pegasus from dApp. Take a look at the "Let's 3" series and experience the good times that are bundled together.
Craps: https://dorothy.network/gambing/Let-Craps-empire/
Dice: https://dorothy.network/gambing/Let-Dice-royal/
Roulette: https://dorothy.network/gambing/Let s-Roulette-european/