Aerospace Information Blockchain Platform Passes Authoritative Certification of Trusted Blockchain

Recently, the 2019 Trusted Block Chain Summit, co-sponsored by China Information and Communication Research Institute, China Communications Standards Association, China Internet Association, and Trusted Blockchain Promotion Program, was held in Beijing. The opening ceremony released the results of the 2019 Trusted Blockchain test and the 2019 Excellent Trusted Blockchain case. The blockchain platform independently researched and developed by Aerospace Information Co., Ltd. passed the all-round evaluation of the Trusted Blockchain Project of China’s ICT, and passed the functional test of the trusted blockchain and the performance test of the trusted blockchain. The blockchain's intelligent freight logistics system was evaluated for the potential of the 2019 Trusted Block Chain Summit. The aerospace information blockchain platform breaks through a number of key technologies such as fine-grained privacy protection and efficient consensus mechanism. It fully supports domestic cryptographic algorithms and can support different types of application scenarios such as alliance chain and private chain, providing SDK and visual display. Quickly integrate with business systems for digital bills, supply chain finance, quality traceability, and many other business areas that require a trust system.