Regulators, lottery players become chain nodes, blockchain makes the lottery industry self-certified

Source: Shenzhen Evening News

Editor's Note: The original title is "The Blockchain Makes the Lottery Industry Self-certified Innocent"

The lottery has a history of thousands of years, but due to the asymmetry of information, its credibility has been criticized by the lottery. The opacity of distribution, lottery, redemption and other links has also led many people to question the possibility of human manipulation.

Take the lottery draw as an example. At present, the method used to demonstrate the fairness of the lottery is live TV or on-site notarization, but either method is limited by the operation process, communication medium, human participation, centralized data processing, etc. True fairness and transparency, all processes seem to be only floating in form. Therefore, the lottery is hard to convince for this notary method centered on the lottery issuer.

If the lottery issuer wants to prove their innocence, they need to involve all the lottery players. In the face of the huge lottery base, this is unrealistic for the traditional way.

Blockchain as a low-level technology, the most suitable for its application is the self-certified innocence and multi-party mutual trust scene of the lottery industry.

All the regulators and lottery players can become nodes in the blockchain. All the information about the lottery will be on the chain, and each node will record this. At this time, the fairness of the lottery draw is not the issuer’s decision. It is the participation of the whole network, the consensus certification, and naturally it is absolutely transparent.

At the same time, the recorded information cannot be falsified. Unless the records of all nodes can be changed, changing the record of one node will not affect other nodes, and it will let the whole network node record "a node tampering record. "The whole process, that is to say no matter what kind of operation, the whole network will know.

In this way, universal supervision has become feasible, and the issuer can also get rid of the identity of the absolute center, making it less difficult to prove the innocence.

Of course, the application of blockchain technology in the lottery industry is not just that.

From the perspective of lottery operation, the lottery center and the notary office can form a coalition chain. The data of the lottery can be sealed, operated and shared without any error under the supervision of the whole network.

For the lottery individual, you can also protect your privacy through the blockchain-based decentralized account system, no need to "wear the mask to receive the award."

From the point of view of awards and bonus tracking, all bonuses will be automatically executed by the program code through the intelligent contract based on the blockchain, avoiding the problems of not being able to redeem, take the lead, etc., and solve the problem, but also through the record on the chain. Traceability…

Therefore, it is not difficult to see that the lottery industry is an application that can really make the blockchain generate value.

Based on the decentralization of blockchain technology, it has added credit endorsements for technology creation, which has changed the traditional lottery in the traditional sense by relying on the characteristics of national credibility, making the lottery industry more transparent, fair and fair. This is also the blockchain. The core change before and after the blessing.

I hope that in the near future, the blockchain lottery system will be more widely adopted and slowly enter us. Lottery players can easily and conveniently purchase blockchain lottery tickets, so that the lottery industry can be legal, transparent and fair. Tomorrow.

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