Xi'an Weiyang Branch has accepted the "ICC Network Red Chain" fraud case

On November 18th, according to the China Radio and Television General's Voice of China, "News Horizon" reported that the reporter learned from Xi'an, Shaanxi, there is a cryptocurrency called "ICC Network Red Chain", known as "Intelligent Economic Network Red" The King of the Times has attracted people from all over the country to participate in the investment, and the losses are heavy. One of the older sisters said that he had invested 300,000 yuan in a row and had no return. Freelancer Zhou has also invested 360,000 yuan in succession. He has almost experienced all stages of the "ICC Network Red Chain" fraud mutation. It soared, it began to call ICC, and later became BZC when it was engaged in the exchange. Later, the blockchain application became BTA, and several nouns were converted in the middle. After interviewing a number of victims, the reporter found that the so-called "ICC Network Red Chain" is just a "selling currency" wearing a "blockchain" coat. At present, the victims have collectively reported the case to the Weiyang Branch of Xi'an City. The Weiyang Branch Office has indicated that the case has been accepted and the case is under further investigation.