BM: Requires a more decentralized system than BTC, EOS and ETH, and requires a more centralized solution

On the evening of April 21, BM talked about the blockchain of centralization and decentralization on the telegraph group. He believes: 1. Unless the centralized system develops into a monopoly scale, don't hate it. In a fiercely competitive market, everything is decentralized; 2. Chains can be central and valuable, especially in a multi-chain ecosystem where good centralized blockchains can develop faster and carry The vision of the creator; 3. Decentralization is a tool, not a goal; if you want a real big company to work with real investors under government supervision, then they need to control the platform they build. 4. I think we need a more decentralized system than BTC, EOS and ETH. I also think we need a more centralized solution. I am working hard to expand both.