Two weeks after EIDOS: the number of active users is greatly reduced, and the EOS CPU is still at its peak.

EIDOS has been available for 17 days. According to official data, 35 million EIDOS have been dug up, accounting for 3.5% of the total, and the currency address is 32,000. Currently, only one EIDOS can be obtained for a single mining. According to DappTotal, the current single-day active users of EIDOS dropped from the highest 4,700 to 1,900, and the single-day transaction volume dropped from the highest 4 million EOS to 32,000 EOS, but the number of single-day transactions continued to rise, from 11 million to 32 million pens. According to the EOS browser, the CPU of EOS is still at the peak of 10 EOS/ms. For ordinary users, there is not enough EOS collateral CPU resources, and the network is still congested.