Report: "Golden Bricks" not only breaks through the SWIFT monopoly, but also wants to become the "vector hegemony"

Today, Tongxun Research published the weekly newspaper "Golden Bricks: Prelude to Overthrow the US Dollar Hegemony". The report analyzes the unified payment system and digital currency discussed in the recent BRICS member countries. The report pointed out that "Golden Bricks" not only broke through the SWIFT monopoly, but also wanted to become the "vector hegemony". Blockchain technology has inherent advantages over SWIFT. The establishment of a blockchain-based payment system between BRICS countries will increase the financial independence of BRICS countries and the voice of the international economy, and become the overthrow of US dollar hegemony. prelude. In addition, the total market value of digital passes this week was 236.28 billion US dollars, a decrease of about 2.6%; the average daily trading volume was 68.48 billion US dollars, down 15.5%. BTC and ETH have experienced bottlenecks in growth.