He responded to rumors: Qian’an does not support Hong Kong dollar deposits and withdrawals

In response to a series of recent rumors about the currency security, He Yi clarified on Weibo: the national law enforcement department is not a small tool in the industry. It is easy to check the money transfer and support money laundering. It is not so easy to fool law enforcement departments and users.
1) Whose users and companies are in complete territory, and have huge assets and expenses overseas?
2) The currency does not need to buy Hong Kong listed companies do not need to move money to Hong Kong;
3) The USDT that issued Tether is Bitfinex, which has nothing to do with currency security;
4) Currency Security does not support HKD deposits;
5) Today's Chinese management system is not an era in which relations can do whatever they want in the early years. Unjust is doomed to destruction.