BB: The problem with big companies getting involved in blockchains is that they are not enough to understand the technology. CEO BB (Brendan Blumer) said in an interview with CNBC that different industries are indeed diversifying their blockchain programs, but the question remains whether industry participants are sufficiently aware of the technology: “Currently More and more big companies are actually doing this, but their initial understanding of the blockchain is “this can make the business faster and cheaper.” But they don’t realize the social movements that the blockchain is creating… Fundamentally, blockchain is a new building block that we can use to create alternative systems."
While everyone is eager to know when the adoption of this technology will peak, BB believes that this shift will be slow. According to Blumer, “big companies” have different risk profiles, some of which “are not even authorized to take big risks”. He also asserted that more private organizations will embrace blockchain technology and change their trust relationship with consumers. In addition, BB believes that this technology can help solve privacy issues.