The total transaction volume of the Ethereum DEX project in the past week totaled $24.53 million.

According to the DEX special page data, as of now, the 17 DEX projects based on the Ethereum network have recorded a total of 132,618 ETHs in the past week, totaling USD 24,539,842. Overall, the number of active users in the past week was ranked as the largest number of active users: IDEX (5,241), Uniswap (3,990), Kyber (2,805), ForkDelta (1,612), Bancor (1,341) According to the user transaction amount, the largest DEX projects are: Uniswap (38, 599 ETH), Kyber (28, 219 ETH), Tokenlon (15, 030 ETH), IDEX (13, 891 ETH), Eth 2dai (13, 081 ETH).