State Grid Tianjin Dongli Company: Police and Enterprise Linkage Strictly Investigate Bitcoin Mining Machine Stealing Cases

On November 17, the State Grid Tianjin Dongli Company and the police department of the district public security department linked and investigated two cases of bitcoin mining machine sneak. Currently, the case is under further investigation. Recently, Dongli Company concentrated on the comprehensive management of line loss in Taiwan, and the staff found that the line loss rate of the Dongyangchang Village in Dongli District has been in a relatively high state. The staff of the company repeatedly tried to arrange the electricity-using areas, monitored, inspected and analyzed one by one, and jointly with the public security department to accurately investigate the two high-power stealing cases. On the scene, 21 bitcoin mining machines were seized, 36 video cards, 6 main boards, one high-power fan and one air conditioner.