Jia Nan Zhi Zhi Zhang Nanyu: From the time of suspension to Nasdaq

Author: super king

A few days later, Zhang Nanxuan stood on the stage where Nasdaq was listed on the ringing bell. The lights shone and the applause was so loud that he would remember the distant late night when the tutor refused him to leave school.

It was the second year that Bitcoin entered the Chinese people's field of vision, 2012. From the 30-dollar waterfall in 2011, the price of the cliff is as low as 2 dollars, and in 2012, it is slowly repaired, and it is repeated for 10 dollars, and it is time to reap people's dedication to the future. . As with all the repairing years, the signal of the singer has not yet come, the sad song is low, and between the reality of despair and the faint hope of switching back and forth between the heroes and heroes.

This year, at the end of November in Beijing, the wind in the early winter was bleak. In the dormitory building of Beihang University, Zhang Nanxuan, who is a doctor, went back and forth in the hallway and took pictures of the bar. He likes to watch anime and indulge in B station. Those bloody anime worlds are building a longing for the future. At present, there is a very hot and burning opportunity in his understanding. If you do your bitcoin wholeheartedly, you will be able to activate another. A parallel universe. In reality, he is just a solitary doctor, in the cold school, in the vast sea of ​​books, decapitated, such as the people.

Let go. As shown in the following picture, after the eager burning night, Zhang Nanxuan decided to discuss with the instructor to suspend business, but in reality the tutor categorically refused. In the case of injury, the blood was overflowing, only to let go. On November 28th, 2012, this was the first time that Bitcoin was halved. On this day, he felt the sense of urgency and responsibility of the big man, so he posted a message on everyone's online: Lose the school and drop out of school. Decisively.

At this time, Zhang Nanxuan, the qi is from the recognition of the Bitcoin world, his number ngzhang (hereinafter ngzhang refers to Zhang Nanxuan) is already a well-known ID in the community. The so-called community, at that time, mainly bitcointalk.org, is only the mainland in the chaotic era, where Nakamoto helped create and speak early, until mid-April 2011, when Satoshi Nakamoto gave the chief developer’s scepter to Gavin. Choose your own. After Nakamoto was retired for five months, on November 9, 2011, ngzhang posted a post in bitcointalk.

"FPGA development board 'Icarus", the first product in the third phase of Bitcoin mining (FPGA). He named the FPGA miner he created as Icarus, which comes from the name of one of the heroines in his favorite anime "The Falling Objects". In this work, the heroine has a powerful power. With one person, almost destroyed a new continent called Sinapus. Mapping to real bitcoin mining, Sinapus New World may mean the popular GPU mining at the time. The emergence of the FPGA mining machine, for the GPU bitcoin mining, is almost a destructive attack.

Bitcoin mining can be divided into four phases: CPU phase, GPU phase, FPGA phase and ASIC phase. Specifically, the computer mining in the Nakamoto era is the CPU stage, followed by the geeks' graphics card mining, which belongs to GPU mining. And ngzhang was born, the development of the Icarus mining machine, is the world's first product in the third stage of the FPGA stage, and the upcoming Avalon, is the world's first success in the fourth stage ASIC stage. Produced products. In short, ngzhang opened the two stages of Bitcoin mining with one person's power. It was the first person to make two industrial jumps and the first person in the world to make a mining machine. Aside from the world, the second person to make a bitcoin mining machine chip is the roast cat, the young talent of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the magnificent bitcoin career. However, it suddenly disappeared in the Spring Festival of 2015. It has been more than four years since then, but it still disappears. At that time, one south and one north, one pumpkin and one roast cat, opened the Gemini of China's mining industry. I don’t know where the roast cat is now, whether it’s wandering the streets, or staying in a foreign apartment. After a few days, look at the partner’s pumpkin Zhang in the crowd on the big screen, ringing the Nasdaq’s bells. Feelings. With a bang, I had to stop the pen and bake the cat story, and then write it for a while.

Having said that, in development, Gavin inherits the will of Nakamoto and works with global developers to promote the evolution of Bitcoin code. In terms of computing power, ngzhang led the team to open two generations of products with one person's power. At the same time, both of them can overcome the magic of human greed, promptly let the computing power spread out globally, and the miners' nodes shine globally from Icarus. To Avalon, the sound of the mining machine is like breathing in the world. It is also the breath of the bitcoin network. From this level, the will of Nakamoto Satoshi, quietly, has also been extended in ngzhang.

The camera returned to June 2012, and the community was sensational because of a message. There is a "Butterfly Lab" in the United States, and a new generation of integrated-machine (ASIC) mining machines is being researched. It is almost successful and will be launched soon. ASIC, whether it is for GPU mining machines or FPGA mining machines, is downsizing, so the community has a feeling of sorrow and joy, and then the butterfly will master most of the world's computing power, far exceeding 51%. The kind, then they will have the ability to attack 51 on the Bitcoin network. This is something that geeks are extremely reluctant to see. Even if the butterfly does not have the motivation to attack, it has this ability and is not allowed by the community. .

This time, ngzhang stepped forward and claimed that he would also launch an ASIC mining machine called Avalon. In the anime story, Avalon is an elf country, an ideal hometown of independence, resisting all kinds of interference attacks, and protecting the quietness of everyone in the ideal township. Mapping in the reality of Bitcoin, ngzhang is holding the "maintaining bitcoin world peace" to develop the Avalon mining machine to resist the arrival of the butterfly mining machine. In September of the same year, ngzhang developed and displayed the Avalon mining machine. It was planned to mass-deliver at the end of the year, and then technically encountered an unexplained bottleneck. The process was slow, so at the end of November, ngzhang only took many days, and the guide proposed to suspend the school. Entrepreneurship, after the mentors refused, ngzhang decided to drop out of school and rushed into the whole body. Four months later, in March 2013. The Avalon mining machine was successfully mass-produced and brought to market, throwing the first wave of wealth in the global mining industry.

Bitcoin is so successful today, it is not born; the bitcoin network is not born to be a fool. This is an effort that cannot be separated from a wave of people. The emergence of Avalon, the emergence of ASIC mining machine, has raised the difficulty of the Bitcoin network shield by tens of billions of times. Now it is the unbreakable shield of global computing power and the base of Bitcoin ecological security growth.

At that time, ngzhang sold the mining machine at the Taobao store, and the head was Cao Cao stills. The otaku thoughts are very meaningful. This still photo is from the seventeenth time of "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms": "There is a call to the king to swear by the singer: "I want to ask for a thing, to suppress the hearts of the people, you must not swear." 垕曰: "What do you want?" Things?" Fucking: "I want to borrow a hoe to show the ears." Big horror: "A certain sin!" Fuck: "I also know that I am not guilty, but not killing, the army will change." After the death, my wife and I will raise our own, and don’t worry about it."

In short, Cao Cao told the governor of the food, Wang Hao, that today, you will use your head to settle the military heart. Later, your wife and children, I will support you, you don't have to think about it. Mapping to reality, ngzhang said to the miners, to buy my mining machine to print money, printing money in ancient times has the risk of being killed, this is the original sin of the Chinese people, but in the future your life The expenses of your wife and children are supported by my printing machine, which you don't have to think about.

The Avalon generation is indeed a printing machine. In March 2013, the first batch of 300 units was shipped worldwide. I asked Haibo to help me trace back the history of the chain and restore the year. At that time, the total network computing power was 31.28T, each Avalon 60G, when the whole network produced 3,600 bitcoins per day, then each Avalon mining machine can produce 5-7 bitcoins per day. When it was, the Cyprus crisis broke out. In just one week, bitcoin went from $30 to $260, so an Avalon mine could earn $5,000-10,000 a day. So for a time, Luoyang paper expensive, a machine is hard to find. Many people's bitcoin fate has been intersected with Avalon. The founder of the fish pond, Wang Chunzhong, has set up one. The star of the coin letter spent 120,000 yuan on the initial crowdfunding and has 10 Avalon mining machines. One day mining was back to the original; at the time, Wu Jihan was also an agent of Avalon chips.

Ngzhang led Avalon, rushing all the way, encountering product release delays, shipments and speculations, from Avalon, roast cat Gemini era, to Avalon, Ant, Bitfury three times, to today's Shenma, Bitland, Jia Nan Zhi Zhi, core dynamic mining and other melee era. The wind is rising, how much mining winds and rains are hit, the waves are chasing after the waves, and the generation of heroes is romantic. Ngzhang, Avalon, and Jia Nan Zhi Zhi are still alive. This time represents the entire blockchain industry, impacting the Nasdaq market, and will soon become the first blockchain.

I have seen ngzhang several times, the typical northern otaku face, with glasses, peace of mind, anything to say, the voice is a bit pretty. When he first met him, his company was preparing to go south, from Beijing to Hangzhou, accepting investment from foresters, and reorganizing Jianan Zhizhi. In my impression, Jia Nan’s wisdom in the capital market can be described as three waves of six folds, and the fate of many people is probably comparable to the ups and downs of Bitcoin. The initial news was that Lu Yitong had a huge investment of 3 billion yuan. Later, Lu Yitong was questioned by the China Securities Regulatory Commission. The stock market greeted the big bear market. The case was followed, and then it was released to prepare for the listing of the new three boards, Hong Kong listing, and the main board. After listing, they failed to make a successful listing on the NASDAQ.

Another time I saw him, chatted about the market, he pointed to the trading order on the screen, disdain to say, now people are jealous, a few hundred dollars will boast the disk, arrogant, I want to be on mtgox that year It’s a tens of thousands of coins and tens of thousands of dollars. Now, a few hundred dollars are a good way to say a slap.

He did qualify for this. In the beginning, he sold the board to sell 40,000 bitcoins. He sold it all at once, bought a Camry, and excitedly drove around Beijing. Today, 40,000 bitcoin worth, equivalent to 340 million US dollars. A few days later, Jianan Zhizhi IPO raised 100 million US dollars. If compared to time and space, the Camry of that year is equivalent to 3.4 Jianan Zhizhi IPO.

This is not a ridicule, but a sigh, but a wave of bitcoin. In the seven years, the magic is fluctuating, and some of them are not aware of this evening. Zhang Nanxuan, from the time of suspension to the Nasdaq, has gone through thousands of industries, and he was not the story of Silicon Valley in the blockchain. Write all the way, write here, my inner feelings are especially complicated and unspeakable, and I suddenly think of the image of two "thousand sails" in ancient poetry:

"Shenzhou has a thousand sails on the side of the boat. Wanmuchun is in front of the sick tree."

"Thousands of sails are not exhausted, and the sun is swaying."