Focus interview: set up a scam by the name of “blockchain”! Chaos is so worrying

Source: Public interest CCTV focus interview

In the recent period, there is a word that is special fire: blockchain. But many people know everything, but they don't understand one question. Simply put: this technology is a new way of data management based on cryptography. Blockchain technology has broad application prospects because of its advantages of decentralization, non-tampering, trace retention, traceability and so on. However, the "Focus Interview" reporter found that along with the blockchain boom, there have been various chaos in the society.

Blockchain technology has emerged since 2008. With its unique trust-building mechanism, it has great value in the fields of trade finance, public services, and traceability of agricultural products. According to the data provided by China Information and Communication Research Institute, by August 2019, the cumulative investment and financing amount of the global blockchain industry reached 10.369 billion US dollars. China's blockchain industry is in the forefront of the world, and the total number of enterprises is second only to the United States, ranking second in the world.

Wu Zhen, head of the Key Laboratory of Internet Financial Security Technology of the National Internet Emergency Center, said: "At present, we have detected the blockchain company with the word blockchain or its blockchain in its business scope. There are probably more than 32,000, and the number is still relatively large. However, after actual monitoring, we found that there are actually not many companies that actually have blockchain technology or chain ownership, which is probably 10% of this quantity. Left and right, even less than ten percent."

Less than 10% of the technology is actually owned. Most companies are taking advantage of the situation or creating momentum, and some even play various tricks. The reporter searched the blockchain for three words on the Internet, and you will see the promotion of blockchain projects and the development of blockchain wallets.

The reporter clicked on a blockchain wallet project called BEEBANK. The promotion article claimed that this is the only decentralized full-currency wallet in the whole network. It uses the public chain and data trust system technology to make money while lying down and create benefits 24 hours a day. . Direct team members of 10 people, forecast monthly income of 300,000 yuan to 100,000 yuan, if the development to the fifth level, forecast monthly income of 2 to 7 million yuan. This blockchain wallet not only has text promotion, but also video promotion. The three-terminal matrix, the hive construction, the hive leadership, and the hive dividends, seem to be very tall. The video also left the instructor's micro-signal. The reporter added the so-called instructor. After verification, the other party gave such a reply: "BEEBANK has already run, I was cheated by hundreds of thousands."

According to the so-called mentor, this blockchain wallet has already run, and now the APP has been unable to log in. He has been cheated for more than ten thousand yuan. This is how the so-called blockchain wallet works. The other party did not disclose it too much. Instead, he advised reporters that if he is interested in the blockchain, he can recommend other projects.

Professionals told reporters that borrowing a few professional terms like this and claiming high-yield is actually naked fraud.

Using the blockchain concept to engage in the fund disk, the money will run on the road, so the simple scam is relatively easy to see, but some projects, a little packaging, it is somewhat difficult to identify. On August 13 this year, the Shanghai Pudong police reported a fraud case. This is a game called self-proclaimed blockchain, which combines the blockchain with the network to raise virtual pigs, sharing the economy and generating considerable profits. After 15 days of raising the virtual pig, the platform acquisition will have a 28% return.

A screenshot of the internal WeChat provided by the police shows that virtually all transactions are handled by platform personnel, and even the participants are called naked, and the company is ready to change procedures.

On September 11 this year, the official news of Changsha City, the company is suspected of online pyramid schemes, illegal fund-raising and financial fraud, has been investigated. According to the promotion of the fun step, the fun step is blockchain plus sports big data, users can get “candy” as a reward as long as they walk and run. "Candy" can redeem goods or even withdraw cash. Users only need to walk three or four thousand steps a day, and earn at least 200 yuan per month. They don't cap, promote fun steps, and earn more money.

The fun step promotion staff said: "If you are willing to work hard, do your marketing well, and when the platform is packaged and listed, you are also one of the shareholders of the company. In the future, you will have the money to spend."

Professionals told reporters that similar blockchain raising virtual pigs and fun step technology, because of the so-called platform support, playing the role of sharing the economy, relatively speaking, it is not easy to be seen. But in fact, the blockchain is only a technical means, and it does not create value by itself. The above platforms only borrow the blockchain banner and have nothing to do with the blockchain itself.

In addition to the above pseudo-applications, the reporter found in the survey that with the blockchain boom, the most serious chaos appeared on the digital currency. These projects confuse the blockchain concept with financial knowledge and currency knowledge, and fish in troubled waters. Ordinary people are hard to distinguish, and they are extremely deceptive. According to the data provided by the relevant departments of the National Internet Emergency Center, there are 755 kinds of zero or air coins that can be monitored at present, and 102 kinds of pyramid money.

Wu Zhen said: "The main feature of the return-to-zero currency is that it has experienced a sharp decline in market value. The original price is relatively high. Now it may fall to less than one percent of the original. We call it zero-return coin; the second one It is called a pyramid currency. The actual pyramid currency has little to do with the blockchain, just borrowing the blockchain hype to scam."

How are these so-called digital currencies speculated and defrauded? During the interview, some insiders provided some internal materials to the reporter. A lecture by a digital money promotion team is selling a digital currency called BIB. As long as it is added, there is a profit. This is called static income.

According to the promoters, this BIB digital currency is a blockchain cryptocurrency developed by the world's top teams. The global circulation is limited. As long as it is added, not only will the interest be paid every day, but also through promotion, that is, pulling the head, it can also be obtained. Dynamic revenue.

In fact, this kind of pulling the human head and issuing so-called digital currency methods is not new. As early as 2016, Jiangsu Xuzhou police cracked a pyramid scheme. Liu, a MLM organization, registered a company in Hong Kong, opened a website, used high rebates as a bait, and organized personnel to promote the so-called blockchain digital currency through publicity, class, and introduction. In fact, there is nothing left behind, and the daily currency fluctuations are false numbers set by the background staff. The MLM model is a combination of static revenue and dynamic revenue.

Police investigations revealed that within 8 months, the digital currency scam developed 34,000 members and swept 1.5 billion yuan. Professionals told reporters that the blockchain really relied on digital currency, which is the emergence of bitcoin, but bitcoin is only the initial technology of the blockchain. The core value of the blockchain is applied in the fields of trade finance, public services, etc. The blockchain is by no means equal to the digital currency.

On September 4, 2017, the People's Bank of China and other seven ministries issued an announcement clearly stating that the so-called "virtual currency" is essentially an unauthorised illegal public financing, suspected of illegally selling tokens and illegally issuing securities. And illegal criminal activities such as illegal fund-raising, financial fraud, and pyramid schemes. On August 24, 2018, the Banking Regulatory Commission and other departments jointly issued a risk warning, pointing out that some lawless elements under the banner of “financial innovation” and “blockchain”, through the issuance of so-called “virtual currency”, “virtual assets” and “digital assets”. Other ways to absorb funds, infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of the public. Such activities are not really based on blockchain technology, but rather the concept of speculating blockchain, illegal fundraising, pyramid schemes, and fraud.

The reporter used the blockchain as the key word in the China Referee Document Network. As of November 15 this year, there were 566 legal judgment documents involving blockchain in the country, and a considerable part involved digital goods. Professionals pointed out that in the current blockchain boom, the most important thing to prevent and strengthen supervision is the so-called virtual digital currency. It is necessary to speed up the relevant legislation.

Yu Jianing, deputy director of the China Communications Industry Association Blockchain Committee, said: "Because the blockchain is indeed a new field, it creates value Internet and brings a new digital financial system, but it cannot make technology illegal. The shields cannot make such a new field become a regulatory depression. Once there is a regulatory depression, it is likely to attract a large number of illegal and criminal activities. Migration into this new field will continue to disrupt the financial order and at the same time make this new The stigma of technology has disrupted the normal development of new technologies. In fact, cracking down on illegal crimes is actually to promote the further innovation and development of the blockchain industry and to integrate important development measures."

Professionals told reporters that from the current point of view, the blockchain has entered practical use. According to the data provided by China Information and Communication Research Institute, in Shenzhen, after one year of trial, by October 30 this year, 10 million blockchain invoices have been issued. Based on the complete traceability of the whole process and the inability to tamper with the information, the blockchain electronic invoice can effectively avoid the fake invoice and improve the invoice supervision process, which can solve the problems of one-vote over-reporting, false-reporting, and true and false in the process of invoice circulation. Reduce operating costs and tax risks.

In the real estate transaction in Haidian District of Beijing, blockchain technology was adopted, and the inspection time of documents reached the second level, and the program decreased by 80%. According to a set of data provided by China Information and Communication Research Institute, as of May 2019, 22 blockchain industrial parks have been established nationwide, 20 of which are government-led or involved. However, data released by research institutes show that these industrial parks have a vacancy rate of more than 50%, and from the public information, there are still a number of new industrial parks under planning.

Indeed, it is necessary to do something and not do anything. What is worthwhile is to vigorously promote the application and landing of blockchain technology in trade finance, public services and other fields; what is not the case is the various kinds of chaos mentioned in the program, by the blockchain name Money, fraud, and reality. In this regard, the relevant departments must be disciplined and supervised, and the general public should polish their eyes to prevent being deceived. As General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: “Exploring the establishment of a safety guarantee system that adapts to the technical mechanism of blockchain, guiding and promoting blockchain developers and platform operators to strengthen industry self-discipline and implement safety responsibilities. In the management of blockchain, promote the safe and orderly development of blockchains. “To create a safer and cleaner development space for blockchains, and to preserve the truth, in order to make blockchain technology build a network power, develop digital economy, and help the economy. Social development and other aspects play a greater role.