Market Analysis: Who can act as a vanguard after the shock?

At present, the decline of the altcoin currency is already large enough. The funds coming out are basically waiting to see. There is no willingness to enter the market. Usually, a positive line changes the belief. If a suitable line is pulled out, someone will be willing to enter. If the market is long, the funds should not be a problem, and the timing of the rise may be more important.

BNB's pull-up has only been a lonely performance so far. Everyone in the market has chosen to wait and see. BNB has a little sneeze. The mainstream currency has a bad cold. The market has been flustered by people who are shocked. The wind blows the grass and throws away the chips in your hand. When you throw the chips, it doesn't fall, so you repeatedly wash the dishes until you run out of patience.


We were not able to wait for the big line of BTC. Instead, there was a negative line of derailment. From the perspective of the daily line, after the adjustment of 5 consecutive yang, the volume of the transaction was enlarged. The target fell below 5 antennas, and the macd indicator began. Diverging down. In the 1-hour K-line chart, we can see that BTC fell out of the track line again. It is similar to the previous trend of falling off the track line. It is a small-level W-bottom form, but the result may be very different. The right shoulder of the last W bottom was a heavy volume trend, so it returned to the track line, but this time there was no heavy volume. In theory, the track back to the track line may be much smaller, but it is not. Excluding this possibility, if you stand back again, it means a washing action. If it is the second case, it is the signal that the washing is over. The market may quickly rise above $5,400. If the current cycle is not able to stand Back to the track line, it will be adjusted for a period of time, and the support for the back step is around $5,000.


ETH also oscillated around the 250-day moving average. The macd indicator duck opened its mouth. The 5-day average line and the 10-average line continued to run downwards, closely following the BTC trend. There is no independent trend. It can be seen from the time-sharing chart. The target's two neckline positions of $175 were unsuccessful. After that, they stepped back on the support of $166. The support is still effective, but the rebound volume is not matched. The hope of rebounding to 175 dollars is not great. Continue to return to the 165 US dollars, the defensive once again fell below 165 US dollars, the market weakened, bearish to the range of 143-150 US dollars. The volume of the breakthrough of 175 US dollars is bullish, pay attention to the pressure of 185.6 US dollars, the medium-term target is still around 230 US dollars.


The trend of XRP is extremely weak, which may have a certain relationship with the increase in the circulation of XRP. According to reports, the flow of this target has increased by 1 billion this year, which should be regarded as a relatively large negative. At present, the target has already broken through the support level of $0.32. Next, it may return to the uptrend line below, with a large downside and attention to risk.


BCH's trend in the short term is not optimistic. Under favorable circumstances, it failed to break through the high point of 346.5 US dollars. The price of the currency has lost more than one moving average. Now it has formed a certain pressure on the price of the currency. The macd indicator is open downward. After falling short of the short-term support at 290 US dollars, observe whether the target can stand back to the support level of 290 US dollars in a short time. If it can't stand back, it may go down to a flag-like arrangement, and it will step back further. USD, I think this point has strong support, can be low-sucking here, the medium-term target still looks at 430 US dollars, but broke 227 US dollars, the market is over, leaving the market to wait and see.


The short-term trend of EOS is going bad. The short-sellers are the first to break the deadlock. They have already broken the neckline of the head and shoulders and paid attention to the risks. The next killing broke through the integer mark of $5, and then it was pulled back. Now it is Back to the neckline, observe whether you can regain the neckline position. If you can't stand back in a short time, the adjustment period will be extended. We think it will fall to the strong support area of ​​4.4 USD. If you stand back again, the volume will exceed 5.9 USD. If it is not bearish, it will be bullish to $6.8.


The LTC is still inside the cabinet, and it has briefly penetrated the bottom of the $75 cabinet, but it will be pulled back soon. If it breaks through the point again, pay attention to the departure, the drop will be very large, we think it is breakdown. The support at this point may fall further to a strong support of $62. The adjustment period will be very long. If the upward rebound volume exceeds 85 US dollars, the bearish effect will be invalid and the bullish will be 100 dollars. However, from the current point of view, this kind of point of view The possibility is small.


After BNB hit a new high, it continued to adjust, and the 5 antennas continued to run upwards. The current new high is still not considered an effective breakthrough. It is not stable, and the transaction volume is only slightly enlarged. The new high is not heavy volume or shocks or step back. We just put the target. As an observation target, it does not operate. We believe that the strong support of the target is at $22.45, and the risk is penetrated at this point.


TRX fell below the support level of $0.025. The target went on an ABC trend. The C wave crashed and went down. It could be low in the range of $0.02-0.024 and effectively fell below $0.02.

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