Times Weekly: Ascertain the difference between illegal application and illegal application as soon as possible to prevent blockchain stigma

On November 19th, Time Weekly published the article "Clarifying the Differences Between Unlawful Application and Preventing the Stigma of Blockchains" as soon as possible. According to the article, in the background of the direct blockchain and digital currency equalization in the subconscious of many investors, the individual profit-seeking institutions and organizations still take the risk to take digital currency under the premise that they will touch the legal red line. The name of the virtual currency is fraudulent and pyramid schemes to investors. This is not only an injury to investors, but also a stigma for the blockchain itself. In fact, digital currency is the first successful use case for the blockchain. The ultimate goal of the central bank's legal digital currency is not full anonymity and complete decentralization, but the use of blockchain technology and digital currency to reduce financial costs and improve financial efficiency, involving all aspects of the financial system.