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Since Bitcoin has carried its financial attributes, carried a monetary mission, and entered the mainstream of society from the geek community, it has not easily faced the game of humanity, and has been forced to turn constantly and exposes many problems. The rising star, you sing, I will debut, show their brilliance, push out the new, in accordance with the perfect defects, meet the needs of the purpose, try a variety of technological innovation, community operations, consensus mechanisms. Blockchain picture

It is true that the current blockchain development, in addition to the warming and unification of regulatory policies, is also urgently needed to solve some of the technical problems of intestinal obstruction. It also needs some underlying infrastructure in the future digital world, such as the public infrastructure, so that the atomic world can Seamlessly entering the bit world, both tangible and intangible assets can be chained; assets and information between the chains need to flow freely and safely to achieve a free world that humans dream of; also need distributed storage to make data There is a safe and uncontrollable place to avoid the tragic world of Notre Dame; in all traceable chains, there is still a desire to preserve a little personal privacy and the resulting privacy technology.

If we are stuck with the flaws of these technologies, it will inevitably fall into the face of the leopard in the tube. The perfect solution of these technologies is conducive to the rapid development of the blockchain industry. It does not matter, but it is foggy and looks at the future. Feng Qingping believes that the blockchain should be developed smoothly and better than technology. A higher perspective of the development dimension should be a governance issue.

If the blockchain network is regarded as a huge empire, whether it is king or overbearing, use Confucianism or Legalism to establish a normal mechanism to maintain and continue to expand the life cycle and influence of the network. In essence, it is to grasp the core issue, that is, let the civilians under the rule enjoy it, energize and move toward the common direction of the beneficial network.

The problem that needs to be faced and solved in this is the issue of human nature. Human nature is actually not complicated. Just like Adam Smith's point of view, private desire promotes social progress. However, selfish desires are like a flood, and if they are not well guided, they become floods and beasts. When they are guided, they will be brought together to create history. If you use this power to do evil, it is a traitor, and it is the sages of the sages.

The core issue of the blockchain network is how to guide private desires, unify the direction, and work hard. This is also nothing new, and the highest level of management has always been the management of human resources. However, the blockchain allows management to iterate into governance, the company evolves into a community, self-sublimates into nothing, incentives are updated as incentives, and use of 蜕 becomes collaboration.

As we all know, the blockchain network is composed of the completion (bookkeeper), the developer, and the holder of the currency. The state of healthy balance is the mutual supervision and cooperation of the three. There are differences and missions, which are like the integration of human beings and the balance of yin and yang.

If the governance is out of order, leading to a single big, it will be like an ancient empire, monarchy or slip to the civil service group, or slip to the eunuch group, or slip to the court group, and so on. No matter which one produces the same consequences, it will cause the empire to gallop on the wrong road and plant the seeds of destruction. In this sense, the ancient Chinese millennium history is the failure of governance, and it is repeated to repeat.

This paper attempts to elaborate and discuss viewpoints in three aspects.

First, the distributed architecture of the blockchain network is the root cause of governance problems.

The structure of the traditional society follows the centralized system, pays attention to control, emphasizes management, is full of rigid colors, and reveals a strong sense of authority. The blockchain of natural vision is obviously a new human being. Its distributed architecture highlights the genes of the Three People's Principles. There is no power, no hegemony, and each can only speak in an equal language, but cannot use the format of the command. To convey, we can only appeal to each other to work together to die together, and not to benefit from the risks alone.

This requires a harmonious form of governance to express opinions, convey benefits, maintain security, and seek survival and development. It is seeking to establish a multilateral mechanism, not a bilateral mechanism, or a unilateral mechanism. Borrowing the language of the six ancestors, the Buddha is a sentient being, and all beings are Buddhas.

The decentralization of distributed establishment, the gentle interpretation can be understood as multi-centered, infinitely many, focusing on the equality of opportunities, but the equality of opportunities is based on the equality of the ability threshold, the equality of status, Going to the center is not without a center, but the meaning of the center is a dynamic change at any time. Without a tenure system, anyone has the opportunity to come to power and pass the center's addiction.

The Diamond Sutra says that it is necessary to have nothing to do. The distributed network is not tied to any node, any developer, any investor, gathered together, and formed. The hollow hole seems to be nothing, but it is all-encompassing, because there is no difference in heart, life and so on.

This determines the network of blockchains, and it is inevitable that only the governance model can be adopted. This is the inevitability of history. It is the natural gene of new things. It is like using a boat for crossing the sea. Mountaineering can only rely on a rod.

The alliance chain and the private chain are another matter. In a strict sense, the difference between an orangutan and a human being, although there are some identical genes, has a natural nature.

Since the birth of Bitcoin, it has been a grand vision, transcending national borders, transcending sovereignty, covering the whole world, and affecting sentient beings. With passionate and bold imagination to predict, the future mainstream blockchain network, even national, regional, multinational groups, central enterprises will serve as node roles. In the true sense of the rise, the blockchain network in the true sense is bound to have the same ambitions as the United Nations.

Second, the consensus mechanism of the blockchain network is the technical basis of the governance model.

In the short development process of the consensus mechanism, POW is its origin, and then various innovation consensus mechanisms such as POS, DPOS, LPOS, POI, and BFT emerge in an endless stream, each with its own strengths. From the concept verification stage to the technical maturity stage, the difficulties remain. Small, the risk still exists. However, these consensus algorithms, although different, have a common purpose and mission, that is, to establish a good governance top-level design and complete the healthy and stable development of the network. In the language of materialist dialectic, it is the method used to guide the lusts of human nature and to establish a community of economy and destiny.

Whether it is chain governance or chain governance, it is an algorithmic approach, or a combination of wealth, influence, or miscellaneous. Formally in a certain problem-prone link, plus a layer of insurance, to give a higher blessing. Such as: POW + BFT combination, through the former to determine the qualification of the selection, through the latter to determine the reliability of the winding.

The choice of the consensus mechanism is different in form, just like the different paths, which will inevitably lead to different trends in the future, and the risks that may be lurking are not the same. The capitalist road may lead to a serious economic crisis, and authoritarianism may lead to decay and violent conflict. The various political modes in the real society provide countless practical cases for the choice of the consensus mechanism of the blockchain network. The crisis of the real society also reflects the hidden dangers under the corresponding consensus mechanism. From this point of view, the blockchain naturally carries economic attributes, but it must solve political problems in order to survive and develop.

The consensus mechanism is very different from each other. There is no perfect consensus mechanism. The core lies in whether it can be practiced perfectly. The common mission and goal is to maintain the survival and development of the network. Many project parties believe that decentralization is not a must-have. Together with centralization, it is only a means of purchasing a blockchain network. Feng Qingping once again denied this view because it obliterated the charm of the blockchain network, had a serious tendency of capitulation, and a utilitarian tendency. Maintenance decentralization is the first barrier to maintain the security of the blockchain network. The meaning is self-evident.

If the various consensus mechanisms fail, the outcome will be the same as the collapse of the blockchain network. However, as the disease is sick, the symptoms appear different. For example, POW will lead to the concentration of computing power in the hands of big mine owners, just as bitcoin and bit cash are happening, although no one now suspects that big mine owners will kill the network and destroy the Great Wall. POS will lead to the right to speak in the hands of the rich. Just like the dot-coin once, developers hold too many pre-issued coins, which makes many people's trust in the security of the network greatly reduced. DPOS will lead to the emergence of the Tosra League. This is the inevitability of human nature. Time will kill the ethics of some nodes. The black box operation may occur at a high frequency under the guidance of certain circumstances.

Taking the 21 nodes of EOS as an example, the security of the EOS network depends on the professional ethics of 21 nodes. It is like a huge train with high speed and only two wheels. The bigger the economy, the more disturbing the economy. . Even if we do not doubt that the node will not dig the grave for the sake of profit, this is a latent cancerous gene. When the ecosystem immune system reaches a critical value, it will have a collapse effect. At that time, it will be a Disaster. From this perspective, the effectiveness of governance determines the fate of the public chain represented by EOS.

The consensus mechanism is the technical basis for the future governance of the network. The choice is related to the direction. The choice of different consensus mechanisms means entering different tracks. The choice of a scientifically sound and operative consensus mechanism is a necessary and not sufficient condition for successful governance. Through the choice of consensus mechanism, we can see the ability and values ​​of the founding team, and even the extent of the self can be vaguely revealed, and these are closely related to the fate of the blockchain network.

Third, the ultimate internal power of the blockchain network is the effect of the governance model.

Citing the argument of the Babbitt Self-Organization Research Report, "The blockchain network is self-organizing. Self-organization is an organizational form that operates with self-will. It pursues bottom-up power logic and can stimulate individuals within the organization. Enthusiasm. Self-organization of human society is the third form of organization outside the hierarchical system and market. It is based on trust and can reduce the management cost and transaction cost within the organization. It has a cost advantage. However, due to the setting of incentive mechanism and Close to the form of direct democratic governance, the self-organization of human society in the physical world has bottlenecks in terms of space and population size. Blockchain self-organization is an innovative organizational form that can break through the physical world's self-organized space and population size constraints. To mobilize a wider range of human collaboration."

Blockchain networks require technical competition and efficient operations. In the short run, depending on technology and operations, in the long run, it depends on the wisdom and effectiveness of governance. Like the sprint, the explosive power needed, but the long-distance marathon faced by the blockchain network requires more endurance and adaptability. The core keyword is autonomy. A healthy and long-lasting blockchain network is inevitably self-healing, self-healing, and has an efficient self-rescue and innovation mechanism. This is the embedded gene in the system.

Here, the terminology of the pioneering Nebulas, “autonomous meta-network, the future of collaboration”, the autonomous meta-network, is the ultimate evolution of the nebula chain, focusing on complex data and interactions in the chain, facing complex collaborative relationships, and committing to autonomy. The Yuan network brings a new consensus incentive mechanism and upgrade capability, so that everyone can benefit from the decentralized collaboration. The adoption of the Nebula Three Meetings is committed to achieving structural balance and effective community governance.

Workers must first sharpen their tools when they want to do their best. The weapon of governance is the integration of the economic incentive system, which is the only way to mobilize human sexual desire. In addition to the choice of consensus mechanism, the influencing factors of governance are the design of the economic incentive system. In the economic incentive system, the distribution ratio, pre-issuance and issuance mode of the certificate are extremely important.

A pre-issued volume is very large, and most of the blockchain networks in the hands of the founding team are congenitally malnourished, and subsequent contradictions are difficult to properly resolve. The establishment of a blockchain network in a strict sense is a public enterprise, a serious divergence between the spirit and the body, which will make the governance of the community unsustainable. On the contrary, the amount of currency held is as dispersed as possible, and there are few blockchains with severely uneven wealth. The network often wins a start. The former, walking and walking, became a loner, the latter walked and led the crowd. The old saying goes: the people gather together, and the people gather together. Using the company's thinking to create a blockchain network, the trouble is constant, and the company's thinking can only be used as a node, because the node is originally a private individual. Using this standard to measure, many blockchain networks are currently unqualified, and it is bound to have a large-scale reshuffle in the near future. Note that this is a great opportunity for investors.

The reason why Bitcoin can grow into a huge financial empire, its founder, Nakamoto Satoshi, if it is seen as a person, has no self-interest, is committed to selfless, has achieved great self, and also created a bit god .

What the founding team did, at the beginning of its creation, imported the genes of the community culture for the blockchain network and directly affected the future development. Zhuang Ziyun: No one has a self, no God, no sage, no name.

The fate of the blockchain network is related to technology, but in the end it is still in the management of this card. The internal power of the blockchain network is concentrated in the design and execution capabilities of the governance mechanism. Governance for the blockchain network, like human self-discipline and introspection, even if it is strong and strong, even if it is powerful, it lacks this point, and can only regretfully end up in the end of the destruction. On the contrary, with this, there will be weak changes. Strong, the possibility of getting bigger from small to small.

Collaboration picture

The key difficulty of governance is that, in Feng Qingping's view, on the one hand, it is pursuing the universal benefit of community democracy, and the sun and rain are all exposed. Everyone is a deputy to the National People's Congress. Each is a member of the CPPCC, and everyone has the qualifications and opportunities to participate in the administration of state affairs. The aspect is to pursue the active participation of community members in governance, rather than the carnival of one person. In real life, there are many examples of things that are not hanged. Everyone has the right to vote, but often many people do not know who they choose. All in all, it is necessary to create a pattern of sufficient decentralization of rights and to ensure the participation of all beings in the efficiency of governance. To achieve this goal, we must not only the top-level design of the consensus mechanism, but also the perfect implementation of the economic incentive system, both the efficient implementation of governance measures and the self-evolution of the trend. "The movement is divided, the static is the same, the more is not too late, the song will stretch out."

In the process, in order to pursue Austria's pure liberalism, it is necessary to implant the Keynesianism of the blockchain. The Keynes are just a means, and Hayek is the goal. In the progress of the process, how to achieve the emptiness of the spirit, the stagnation of Dantian, the unbiased, the flickering, is the need to devote all efforts to the whole process.

Judging many of the projects with this standard of governance, we can see the fate and the fate can be expected.

As an investor, understand the technical process of the blockchain industry, examine the consensus mechanism of the blockchain network, observe the rationality and advancement of its economic incentive system, and must not forget the top-level design model of its governance. The governance model is closely related to the final fate of a blockchain project, and the effective implementation of governance is a matter of life and death. Regardless of the blockchain network, governance issues are the choices that need to be carefully chosen, and that the beginning and the end are the same.

(Author: wind Lemna minor)

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