Principal in China's blockchain application research: China should face up to the gap and increase investment and research and development of blockchain technology

Guo Yuhang, the head of the China Blockchain Application Research, said that compared with the technological leadership, the United Kingdom and the United States are worthy of reference for regulatory flexibility. In fact, they are as strict as China, but their tolerance for innovation. Higher degrees. Even in the face of such the most controversial Libra coin, the United States does not have a stick to kill, but through the hearing to continue communication and game, to promote this financial innovation to meet the interests of the United States. In contrast, the US attitude toward blockchain technology has two major characteristics: one is to strengthen application supervision, and the other is to work closely with enterprises to conduct multi-faceted research and exploration. In terms of the number of patents, China can be said to be a latecomer. But at the same time, Guo Yuhang believes that the number of patents can only be used as a reference. “Because in the blockchain field, many original results are first published in the open source community, that is, without intellectual property rights. The most important innovations in the blockchain field are almost all from the open source community.” In this regard, the gap between China and the United States is still very large, and it needs to be squarely addressed. It cannot be influenced by the number of patents. In order to play a leading role in the blockchain field, China still needs to continue to increase its technology investment and R&D.