Research: The privacy of the Mimblewimble protocol is flawed and it is easy to identify the exact address of the Grin trader.

Ivan Bogatyy, a researcher at Dragonfly Capital, a blockchain investment fund, recently published an article stating that the privacy of the Mimblewimble protocol used by anonymous coins, Grin, Beam, etc., is fundamentally flawed. It only costs $60 a week for AWS fees to find 96 in real time. % The exact address of the originator and payee of the Grin transaction. Ivan Bogatyy said in the article that the problem that the Mimblewimble protocol is not feasible in terms of privacy protection is inherent to the agreement. He believes that there is no way to fix it. This means that when it comes to privacy protection, Mimblewimble should not be considered Zcash or A viable alternative to Monero. Ivan Bogatyy's article shows an accurate way to attack the Mimblewimble protocol. He said that in the real test of Grin, the success rate of uncovering transaction flow information reached 96%.