People's Daily: In the name of the blockchain, the swindling and swindling has a tendency to rise, and it is necessary to strengthen the crackdown.

The People’s Daily issued a document today, "Be careful! Someone used the name of the blockchain to deceive." The article said that in the near future, the swindling and swindling in the name of blockchain technology has shown a rising trend. Some currency circles have been re-energized from the media and illegal money-issuing companies, using social software to promote tokens in an attempt to fish in troubled waters. Some illegal fund-raising and pyramid scheme frauds have revived the blockchain and infringe on the interests of investors. It is necessary to strengthen the crackdown and exert efforts at the same time in the supervision and prevention of fraudulent knowledge. From behind the scenes to the stage, behind the blockchain technology, another "feast" is undercurrent. Hype the digital currency "cutting the leek", issuing "valueless currency" worthless, and using the blockchain banner to spread the scams… By the name of the blockchain, the swindling scams have risen, and the experts pointed out that the supervision should also Keep up with the times. Although the regulation of digital currency speculation, spam, and pyramid schemes has never been relaxed in recent years, due to the complexity of the blockchain concept and the fact that it is still in a blank state, the traditional regulatory approach is currently not difficult. Experts pointed out that it is necessary to strengthen the application of regulatory technology. Most MLM projects under the name of blockchain will frequently spread and leave marks on the Internet. With the existing financial technology supervision means, it is possible to find and investigate in time. Of course, some government departments are also not advisable to "talk about the blockchain color change."