Chongqing Daily: Seizing the important opportunities for the development of blockchain to grasp the initiative of competition and development

On November 19th, Chongqing Daily published the article “Capturing the Important Opportunities for the Development of Blockchain”. The article said that only by taking the blockchain as the core technology in its own hands, can we truly grasp the initiative of competition and development in the future. First, the digital currency promoted by the blockchain is an important means to seize the commanding heights of high-tech fields. Second, the blockchain technology has opened up the innovation chain, application chain and value chain, and the financial service entity economy has an important grasp. Third, blockchain technology provides technical support for social management and improvement of governance. The blockchain "has come in the future". Like any thing, it has both positive and negative aspects. It is necessary to establish a rules system to promote industry self-discipline. It is necessary to avoid rushing and repeating construction in order to open up the development space of the blockchain in an orderly competition. Blockchain technology is accompanied by cryptocurrency, but blockchain technology innovation does not mean speculating virtual currency. It is necessary to maintain rationality and prevent the use of blockchain to speculate on air currency. At the same time, we must also see that the blockchain is still in the early stage of development, and needs to be further developed and improved in terms of safety, standards and supervision. Through inclusive and prudent supervision, it is both inclusive of trial and error and it is strictly forbidden to cross the border, in order to better promote the innovation and development of blockchain.