CCTV: Digital currency into blockchain speculation "hardest hit"

On the evening of November 18th, issued a document titled “Block Chain” to set up a scam! The chaos is awkward. The article pointed out that along with the upsurge of blockchain, there have been various chaos in society. According to the data provided by the relevant departments of the National Internet Emergency Center, there are 755 kinds of zero or air coins that can be monitored at present, and 102 kinds of pyramid money. The reporter found in the China Referee Document Network with the blockchain as the key word. As of November 15 this year, there were 566 legal judgment documents involving blockchain in the country, and a considerable part involved digital goods. Professionals pointed out that in the current blockchain boom, the most important thing to prevent and strengthen supervision is the so-called virtual digital currency, and we must accelerate the promotion of relevant legislation. In this regard, the relevant departments must be disciplined and supervised, and the general public should polish their eyes to prevent being deceived.